Whole family sick but you, would you train in sweet-spot?

Hi all,

So my family came down with Covid this past week; this is actually the second time in less than a year. 5 days in, I am still testing negative and feeling well. I’ve been off the bike for about 2 weeks now as we had just gotten back from a family vacation.

I’m itching to get back in the saddle and am planning on restarting sweet spot base, given the 2 weeks off the bike. What would you do?

I’d be conservative and bump it down to a tempo or z2 session for at least a few days. Plus a couple of weeks off, and I prefer to jump in with some easier sessions first.


I’d get on with it…if you test positive then stop, however, although you my be slightly more likely to get it with a slightly depressed immune system I would think it’s marginal. I think we are over thinking this virus now…I teach - we have had plenty of cases - students in class, staff…I have never tested positive so I just get on with racing, training and living until I do…or don’t! :man_shrugging: :grinning:


My wife just had it and I continued training, I was a little stressed thinking of contracting the disease. I didn’t and so far I’m in the clear.
I would stop if you are sick but otherwise I wouldn’t stop.

I would go for it but stop or switch to Z1/Z2 at the first sign of an off performance.

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I’d be more worried about how mad my wife would be taking care of sick kids, while being sick, when I’m on the bike. :rofl:


I’d crack on, but consider the added stress you are feeling given your family being sick. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself juggling too much stress. I’d dial back my expectations

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Lol, very true. It’s actually been very mild for my whole family, likely since this is the second time we’ve been through it. My older kids are asymptomatic and my wife and younger kids are already through it.

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