Who else is excited for GCN+?

There was not a single ad to break the coverage of the races during the 2020 season and have not seen one yet this year so assume it will be the same for 2021.


Could anyone who has subscribed and is using android check out the English subs please.

Support said that they didn’t have them, but Instagram social media person said they did.

Without subs it’s pointless for my house.

… do they have a list somewhere where they list which races they will be live covering for next year,


just pick your country and it’ll show all the races they broadcast.

(or take this list as manual on which country to chose for your VPN :laughing:)

P.s. One thing that was notable last year was the amount of womens racing. Compared to the years prior it was a huge step up in live coverage overall.

I got race pass and that for me was already a no brainer - Live coverage of most races with great commentators and some interesting analysis shows, with no ads. Yes thank you very much.

I do also regularly consume GCN content and mostly enjoy their old documentaries (and new, just fewer of them now) and I look forward to kicking back with a recovery drink and watching Beumont and Hank do something I would never do :slight_smile:

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At the current reduced price, I think it’s a great deal (in Europe). The coverage for the upcoming season looks really good (lesser known road races, women races, cx, grand tours).

But as a TrainerRoad user on iOS who wants to watch cycling during my training, I deeply regret that it doesn’t handle Picture in Picture mode on the iPhone app.

pity that the one race I want… live, on demand and then high lights is the one they of course only list high lights.

How do we watch this on ios? is there an app to download?

GCN app for iOS is available in the app store.

I just got an answer from support (impressively responsive by the way) about Picture in Picture mode. The don’t plan to support it. Bye bye TrainerRoad with their content.

I can’t believe you basically sell video content with very few devices compatibility and still refuse to use basic functionality to make it the best experience.

Watching cycling is a typically a thing you can do when multitasking…

Oh and I don’t even talk about the fact that the app never remember where you were if you quit the viewer. It just start from the beginning if you don’t want to watch their (pretty good) 45min shows.

Sorry for the ranting, I still think the content is good value but I’m disappointed they seem to take the user interface lightly.

Piggybacking on this thread to ask a UX question if I may… :wink:

I’m an existing Race Pass subscriber, and use the GCN app on Android mainly. The bottom app bar has an “Alerts” item with a red number badge next to it - “18” in my case. On selecting this Alerts item I was expecting to see a list of the 18 alerts, but instead see “There are no Alerts to show”.

Is this “normal”? Obviously it’s not right, but is this mismatch between Alert count and actual Alerts what other app users also see, or is the problem I’m seeing specific to me / my install?

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you could probably just watch it in a browser. Firefox has picture-in-picture mode. Can only assume that’s true for most browsers.

I was very excited and downloaded the iOS app on my iPad … only to discover it is iPhone-only. :weary: Please, it is 2021, people use iPads. This is the problem with cross-platform apps, they rarely if ever work well on iPads.


I just checked it on my Android phone.

There is a CC button, but unfortunately neither in the world of cycling video nor in the Superprestige CX race it changed anything when I pressed it. No subtitles.

So the good news, there is a button and it might be something that might come in the future. But seems like it’s not there as of now.

Feel free to remind me to update you around the 15th of Feb to try again. I think that’s when the new content (documentaries etc) goes live.

You can’t even use it on iPad or the experience is just poor? Asking because that was my plan too.

This is the screen I am greeted with:

Note that my iPad was in landscape orientation, so it is rotated by 90 degrees and in a giant letterbox. I could zoom the app, but that wouldn’t make it any better. I could rotate the screen, yes, but even then the experience is not good.

To me that passes as unusable. l


Can you watch via web browser on iPad?

I’m not sure, at least I couldn’t find anything. I tried their website, but couldn’t find a place to sign up and/or watch videos.

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I just pulled it up on my phone:

Then login and watched in my iPhone browser.

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