Who else is excited for GCN+?

I signed up yesterday as I had $20 in Google Play credits that had to be used & I am glad I did. I have already watched a couple of the documentaries & woman’s cross races. And the all have been great.

I wish they had a Firestick app but until then I will watch on my computer

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Oh totally. The route was pretty funky. Always love to see these kind of back roads. Such exciting racing!

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Really enjoyed it myself so far: watched all of the legends set and also the Yorkshire documentary. They are doing a great service for cycling and its promotion.


Great stage today…Brambilla took the race by the scruff of the neck.

Nice to see him get a big result again.

Lol, I was watching it a tad behind; I’m glad I waited before browsing in here. #spoileralert :wink:

Yeah. No spoilers please.



If someone is disappointed at $25, then they have some pretty high expectations of what $25 for a year gets you.

Bugs in the app. Surely if GCN support is contacted, then they’ll address them by the meat of the season.


FWIW I discovered a bit more about this bug after cranking up the GCN app on an additional mobile device (iPad)…

  • On the Android device that prompted my original post, I had an Alert count badge of 18 but no alerts present when the Alerts item was selected.

  • While over on my iPad I discovered I had no Alert count badge showing, but selecting the Alerts item displayed the 18 alerts that were being indicated on the Android device.

So seemingly an issue arising from running the app on >1 mobile devices: one showed the alert count but no alerts, while the other showed no alert count but all the actual alerts. :man_shrugging: Something for the developers to get around to sometime in the next decade or two, maybe… :laughing:

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Update on smart TVs from GCN racing news show: For all the people asking for Firestick app: Dan said it’s ready and only waiting approval from Amazon. Might be a few days or so. He said they don’t know since they don’t have much experience with this. (same situation for samsung)

Also android TV should be available now.


Yes, the GCN+ app is available and works well on Google TV (formerly Android TV…Google loves changing names!).

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I have had flawless streaming from my IPhone 11 Pro to my Samsung TVs via Apple AirPlay. The video resolution and sound are great. Never used AirPlay before for TV content. I’m thrilled to hear of the coming Amazon Firestick App, as that will make the experience even easier.

I took a flyer on it, really thinking I should support bike content. I love the GCN stuff. And $25 for a year is a bargain. Even though I am US, there are some great races. I watched a replay of a womens’ cyclocross race today to distract me from the VO2 intervals of Bluebird. It was great entertainment and motivation as the racers were working and suffering far more than me and pushing through.


GCN+ app for Amazon Fire TV is now live.


I’m not seeing it :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m in the UK. In what country are you?

I went to find. Then search.

Typed GCN and the results first have “search in apps” offering me to search in YouTube, Internet and Amazon music.

Below there was “Films and TV” showing a GCN video y some other cycling video.

Below that there was “Apps & Games” and there is the GCN+ app (and the Global Cristian Network app)

I hope this helps.


Not showing in the US yet. Apps & Games just has the Global Cristian Network listed.


subscribed yesterday, mirrors really nicely from my iphone to my LG tv, no apparent loss of image quality either which I was please about.

Just learnt the US approval process is a specific and independent to the rest of the world. The app is approved for every GCN+ country with the exception of the US. We are still waiting for Amazon to approve there. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take much longer.


I’m in the U.S. I searched everywhere and no luck, hopefully shows up soon. Thanks!

Thanks for the follow up. Since release is pending I feel much better about subscribing now.

Definitively pending, we are hoping it is a matter of days but it really doesn’t depend on us.

Similar situation with the Samsung TV app. Waiting for Samsung to approve.

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