Whistler - Good Route or Hill for Outdoor Workouts?


I’m going to be out in Whistler for about a week near the end of July. I’m going to bring my gravel bike with me and wanted to continue to hit my TR workouts outdoor while I am visiting.

Do we have any Whistler locals who could recommend some routes (road or gravel) that they could recommend for some interval workouts? Preferably a long steady incline with minimal traffic.



The options for road are pretty limited.

I think the longest road climb is probably Kadenwood (Kaydenwood - Stop sign to the roundabout | Strava Ride Segment in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)
You could also go south down the Highway about 15km and head up the Callaghan Valley Road (off the highway). There’s minimal traffic and its got some great views, but the gradient varies, so it might be suited. (Dump turn off to Callghan Country turn off | Strava Ride Segment in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)

I’m not super familar with the gravel options up there, but there are various logging roads around. There’s a gravel route adjacent to the above mentioned Callaghan Road. The turnoff is just to the north of the paved road.

If you can get to Squamish you can climb Garibaldi Park Road on the gravel bike (~1000m and around 15km).

Really the most fun on two wheels in the area is had on a mountain bike!


Yeah not a lot of great options road wise, there is some gravel climbs on logging roads or the access roads but most anything else is going to be difficult to do intervals on with the gravel bike.

Honestly I would lean towards going out and exploring the area with some free forum intervals when you can, its an absolutely spectacular place to ride MTB or gravel and well worth exploring some of the trails.

Lost lake, Green lake, Gords garden are all worth exploring. If your willing to do some “blue” mtb trails (rent a mtb) lord of the squirrels is also epic.

Most of the gravel in the area is pretty chunky too, even the access roads on Blackcomb that are used by the resort. I’d say 45mm wide tyres would be recommended.

Actually - one cool gravel option is the Sea to Sky trail which goes north to Pemberton and south to Squamish. I haven’t ridden north of Whistler, but the route from Squamish is great. There’s some sections where you are on the highway, and one mandatory hike a bike, but apart from that it is usually rideable the whole way.

If you are new to mountain biking Lord of the Squirrels would be pretty challenging IMO.


haha yeah not sure where Michael is from so should probably caveat most/all of the recommendations with the its whistler and the riding is not easy :stuck_out_tongue: I know Squirrels is technically a blue but yeah probably a bad idea if your not reasonably comfortable on a mountain bike.

Sea to sky would be awesome, its a beautiful ride.

Last I was up in whistler there was the xfondo that touched on a lot of the whistler portions of the sea to sky trail, some great views and very comfortable on at 42mm tire but like you said if your going to do anything much more than that 45mm with good grip would be recommended.


As they always say, when in Rome… ride a mountain bike.


Awesome! Thanks for the recommendations y’all!

I’ll probably only have one full day to explore Whistler, so 100% going to be checking out some mountain biking on that day. I’m from the Okanagan Valley, and ride mountain bikes a fair amount. I can get down Okanagan “blacks”, so hopefully can get through some Whistler blues!

Just trying to find a couple good spots so I don’t have to have an entire week off of structured training. I’m also exploring gym options for peloton bikes etc.

I’ll second just renting a mountain bike. Roads are ok but the trails are way better. A week of structure won’t make or break anything. A week of fun (instead of hill repeats) may even be a benefit.

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Ah well if you are used to riding mountain bikes anywhere in BC I would think you would be totally fine on any Sea to Sky blue trail!

I’d just ride mountain bikes for a week and leave the road bike at home.