Good climbs near seattle

Seattle area folks: what are some good long climbs that are within riding distance (liberally defined) from Seattle?

Plenty of places to find good rollers, e.g., the Tolt Pipeline trail (although those are more buzz-saw than roller) and West Mercer Way on Mercer Island, but it’s hard to find a good long climb to do threshold intervals on. I’m having trouble finding climbs that are long enough.


Limited to road? I think if I really wanted to do long intervals outdoors I’d head to the ironhorse trail on my CX bike. You could also head north and do the famous ‘ride hwy 20 up to the snow line before it opens’ trick (def not riding distance from Seattle). There is a really steep climb in Issaquah up the side of cougar Mt, but I’m not sure exactly how long it is. 15+ mins at least I believe.

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Yeah a bunch on the south side of Issaquah.

Dope, thanks guys.

I used to live here and race with a team like ten or fifteen years ago, and i remember mostly going up into like Duvall on group rides.

But i’d be happy to head south of the lake into the Quah :slight_smile:

Zoo Hill in Issaquah can be strung together with another section of climbing. Total 1200 feet of climbing over 3 miles, search “Zoo Hill to Pinnacle” segment on Strava. You can also ride Montreaux to the same summit, or you can ride up there from Factoria. Several different 3+ mile climbs to choose from. I recommend going to the segment explorer in Strava and filtering by climbs that are Cat 2 or higher


Thanks guys!

@devolikewhoa83 if you can put your bike in a car and drive to me (Puyallup), I’ll take you climbing. PM me if interested and I’ll get you my phone number

whenever we’re able to do that kinda thing again i definitely will!

@devolikewhoa83 it doesn’t stop me