Long gravel ride

Need advice.
I am on Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2, medium volume training now. My training is all indoor due to cold weather in Ontario, where I live. This coming weekend we have a hot spell and temps will raise to +20C
I wish to do beautiful 160K gravel loop in my area. I wonder if this is wise, and how much that my effect my training?
What is your advice


Riding a bike is supposed to be fun. I get we all want to be our best and follow a training plan to the T but, getting a mental release by being outdoors and actually having fun is immeasurable. So in that sense and IMO it is very wise. Knowing nothing else about you I can’t begin to say how it will affect your training. Probably some extra recovery will be necessary if you are right back on planned workouts. 160k gravel will probably be around 300-350TSS so perhaps a couple days of super easy riding after…I have some general info somewhere on amount of TSS/ride and recovery. Will post if I find it! Have fun!


My current FTP is 259W. I have cycled this year more than 10,000K. I love long endurance rides. My gravel bike doesn’t have a power meter, I go by HR and try to keep it around 145-150 for the whole ride, where my max is 184
And I am an older rider at 52


Depending on how much of a background you’ve got in long distance riding you should be fine.
I did a 160km (over 7 hours) Gravel ride 2 weeks into Sustained Power Build (LV) after completing SSB (LV)
With an FTP of 253 at the time.

Just remember for something that long fueling is key, I went through 6 cliff bars, 2 SiS gels, about 5 bottles, and still could’ve had more fueling.

Anytime you can ride outside in Canada in November, you should count your blessings. Take it easy and make sure to fuel.


100% go for it. Just keep it steady and don’t surge too much on the hills. Long steady Zone 2 work will perfectly complement your SSB plan.

Most importantly have fun!!

Last time I have done this ride I did it in 5hrs and 43min, two weeks ago, but it was very windy and cold. I find gravel more challenging than road, plus it looks like I will wear shorts. This has never happened in November. As far as nutrition goes, I try to have solid breakfast, two bottles of electrolytes, .5l of Pepsi, 3 SIS gels, and one chocolate bar. That usually is plenty for 6 hours. I may have a one banana for 1 hour as well.
Thanks for your advice

Yes! As a fellow Canadian (Winnipegger), it is rare to see +15C weather this late, so I’m making the most of it. Helps the mental aspect, though it’ll make the weekend indoor ride that much more difficult.

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this is very wise; mental freshness is key to finding success in your training, so if you can get outside, go for it! just make sure you get a bunch of rest afterwards, maybe even 2 recovery days.

Good luck and send some pics!

Echo the recovery day suggestion. I’ve made the mistake before of following up a big weekend ride with a hard workout and it doesn’t go well with me. Tends to lead to a failed workout at best and injury at worst. Take a couple of days off and then ease back in with a recovery ride.