Which workout to drop from short power build in favour of outdoor chaingang ride?

I’m about to start the mid-volume, short power build plan. I’ll do two outdoor rides per week. One will be my usual Monday night chaingang ride. Which of the short power build rides would it be best to substitute for this?

The chaingang is a hard ride. Usually between 6 and 12 in the group and often pushes me to the limit to keep taking my turn. Sometimes I need to just sit on and surf the wheels at the back if I’m blown.

I’ll also do the steadier Sunday ride from Short Power Build as an outside workout on the TT bike to try and keep my TT skills up.

here is what a typical Monday night chaingang looks like. The big spiky bit in the middle is basically through and off in the chaingang and the rest ride out and back. TSS = 155.

I’d swap the Tuesday workout out, with the exception of the Ramp Test obviously.

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Based on TSS? Or type of effort or both?

Type of effort/energy system primarily. Those Tuesday workouts are mostly anaerobic style repeats, which matches the group ride pretty well. It’s not like the TSS is massively different either.

Structured VO2 and Threshold work is very high value/ROI compared to the group rides, so you’ll want to keep those in.

Brilliant. Thanks for that. I was thinking Thursday one but what you’ve said makes perfect sense and makes the scheduling much easier too. Cheers.