Which outside workout matches chaingang?

My understanding is AI doens’t yet take account of unstructured outside rides. I want to add in a workout that is as close to my chaingang ride as possible in order for AI to be able to adapt my future workouts - what would be the best match?

The ride is typically 60k in total, around 1hr40mins albeit around 1hrish of hard riding with warm up and cool down either side, 160TSS.

Use the filters to find one that looks like your ride. You can select time, difficulty, etc.

I’ve often wondered which workouts would be most similar to a chaingang.
I would imagine anything where you are going above threshold for short periods of time and then just below threshold for longer spells.

Depending on the makeup and goals of the gang it could like to a TR workout such as “Threshold - with bursts” or a “Threshold - over-unders” potentially?

Neither will match exactly to your specific chaingang as they have recovery valleys but the hard work might be similar shape

Now that 2 people have used it, I have to ask. What is a “chain gang”? A group ride? A race? I’m curious how you’re getting 160 TSS in 100 minutes.

A chaingang is a group of riders, riding together in a tight formation, working together and drafting behind the person at the front.
Think of a cohesive breakaway in a road race.
It’s called a chaingang (or chain-gang or chain gang) based on the visual that the group typically rotates around in a consistent manner so that each person takes their fair share of time at the front (where it is hardest)


think is similar to chain brothers or so :sweat_smile:

It’s what Brits call a paceline.


ahh, is slipstream not a correct translation?

Chain gang

And to answer the original questions. My take is that you should not try to match an unstructured workout to a TR workout. I appriciate the desire to get “credit” for your rides, but if you haven’t gon out to do something specific that AT can build upon you should not fake it. A ride like this is more akin to expressing your fitness than improving it. If you tell AT that you have increased your PL in one zone without actually doing it you are just setting yourself up for a potentially too hard workout down the road.

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The only other term/variation I’ve heard used is echelon, which is a paceline/chain gang rotation taking wind into account.

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more or less a team time trial,?
i am only asking to learn better english!

Yes that’s usually the format, although some clubs spice it up a bit. You might hear it call called a ‘chainy’ too.

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Sounds like you’re right!

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More similar to how a large breakaway would ride. In a team time trial you are usually in a single file with a single rider dropping to the back after a pull. In a chain gang you usually have two files, one fast and one slow where the slow file is up against the wind giving shelter to the fast line.


I’ve always wondered about this a little bit…
Why is there a difference in approach between a TTT and a paceline/chaingang?
In my head I’m assuming both have the same ambition (ride the distance at the fastest pace).

I’m not sure I get this - it’s still “work”. Medium or Long Term TR AI will take into account unstructured outside rides.

The TR solution as far as I understand it is to match unstructured outside rides to a workout to while they work out how to combine unstructured rides with AI/ Progression Levels. If the next workout is too hard, you answer the survey, and AI does it’s thing anyway.

That contradicts what others have reported as response from support on similar questions:

One of the reasons is that chain gang makes more sense when you are more than 8-9 riders, which you never are in a TTT.

That was a different issue though? That was in the context of the planned rides, rather than matching an unstructured. They were subbing the Sunday sweetspot for longer endurance (as per the notes), rather than simply matching an unstructured ride.

No. The original question that was responded to in that thread was in the context of planned rides, but that answer was taking about unstructured/unplanned rides.