Which Current Ipad (Oct 23) Best for TR?

Hey guys,

Want to take advantage of prime sales. Which IPad will last me a few years not lag and not break the bank? On the struggle bus with my current iPad.


We have two iPads with the M1 SoC (prior generation Pro and current generation Air). Both work well with TR (and Zwift). My vote would be the current Air.

The current plain iPad probably works fine, but the M1 is more powerful and might buy you a few extra years before it feels slow. Maybe.

Mine isn’t current but maybe it will give some perspective. I have a run of the mill 3rd Gen iPad Air from 2019 and I haven’t even thought about speed until reading this. It just works and I don’t think about it.


Tablets in general take a long time to feel slow or clunky. And there’s always a premium to be paid for the higher-end features, which don’t depreciate very well. If your focus is on the lowest “cost per year of ownership”, I would recommend getting the cheapest iPad you like that works well for you today, and changing it when you feel like it’s struggling.

Heck, if I were buying an iPad for general reading and TR, I’d probably buy this one… 9th gen for $249. It’s not the latest design, but I can sell it for $50 in 4 years and my annual cost of ownership was $50. :grin:

Run the numbers your own way, depending on how much power you want, how much you’re willing to budget annually for cost of ownership, and so on. No right answer here, just figuring out your own preferences.

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I don’t think there are any native or third-party activity monitor apps for iPadOS that will provide granular, app- and process-level insights into memory, CPU, and other usage.

Generally, it seems any iPad that’s fairly new runs the TR app just fine.

So, I think it just comes down to preferred screen size and your budget.

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My 8 year old iphone runs TR perfectly fine… I am sure any new iPad will work for at least that long.


Great. Thanks. Just ordered one. TR will no longer open on my current iPad. I’m guessing the iOS is no longer supported.

Related support article that may clarify if that is the case:


It’s basically got the graphics level of a video game from the 1970’s an iPad generation 1 is probably 100x the processing power required

Sadly you’re wrong. Not only is my iPad 3 no longer supported, for the past 18 months it struggled to keep up with TR, from the occasionally crash to long load times. And very long delays on intensity changes