Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Beautiful scenery!

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Took the gravel bike to my local trails to get at least some climbing in. Very impressed how it got up 20+% grades with mud on them while not losing traction.


I had a Open TT in the morning. I don’t think I got enough power out I am just not confident in my chemo damaged fingers. The nerves will grow back but it’s slow :neutral_face: Perhaps that’s a good reason to go Di2 :thinking:
I also made the mistake of getting to the start too early and letting the power meter go to sleep. I thought the Garmin would pick it up but it needed a reset :exploding_head:

If anyone is interested it was on the A52 just east of Grantham, UK.

Although I didn’t have it displayed, I recorded HR. I think it tells the story, I never got out of Zone 2 in the first half.

Given that I never felt that I worked and there was still plenty of the day left I went out and did some tempo blocks on the road bike. I feel much more comfortable on it as I can use my whole hand to shift/brake. I didn’t go anywhere in particular just selected roads to let me do the workout. Lol, I thought I’d lost my pump at one point and spent 10minutes looking for it. My jersey had just slipped round to one side :joy:


Steepest part of the climb at 10%

Tied for 2nd best ever power on a field test, and best since Spring 2017. Didn’t even hit lactate threshold HR. My coach is doing something right, and it’s not slamming intervals.


Trondheim stubbornly refuses to start Spring and I keep living in denial. This was supposed to be about 60km, mostly on gravel.

The mud was super hard and uneven and I almost fell a couple times but DID NOT.

Sometimes when you make up a gravel ride from Strava heatmaps you end up riding straight through a field and caking your bike in fertilizer!

There was about a mile of this, uphill. I was not expecting it and it was not rideable, so we trudged. It took so long and I was so disappointed in my route-planning that I skipped the whole rest of the route and came the short way home. Might try it again in July or something. Surely it’ll be warm by then right?


A glorious summer is coming!

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Sure. Sure it is.


last weekend race after 6week HV POL 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Polarized Training Plans Are Here! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 - #365 by Jus7m3

Prince William County, VA, USA

Nothing spectacular, but super nice to be outside. First ride with a Varia radar. Love it. Can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner.


I can’t make it to our Tuesday night chaingang, which is one of my intensity days, so I put in a solo session on my lunch break. The closest equivalent I could think of was a Tim Cusick special: TAN tempo. @jarsson has advised the objective is to get NP=FTP for an hour and then throw in a little threshold. I just did the first part and extended it for an extra 10 mins to get me round my loop.

I Had a nightmare with traffic for the first 5-10 mins, but it got better. I obviously didn’t surge quite enough, as I was only at 0.97 IF - not bad for a first attempt though, and it was a lot of fun! Pretty happy with 21 mins spent at 105%+ probably should do a warm up next time!


Or a ramp test! We’ll done!!


A short one for me tonight. I had one of the new workouts in my calendar tonight and decided I wanted to take it out to get some TT bike practice. Lol, I was in that much of a rush to get out before it got dark, I put my sidis on and got halfway down the rowing lake path when I realised. Doh, they’ve got SPD-SLs for my road bike, my TT bike has look pedals for the power meter. Its funny when I realised it was like Bambi on ice, so I went home and changed them.
After that I started the w/o straight away, I usually wait until I’m off the shared path and over the foot bridge and rail way level crossing. I then headed out to Bullock Road. I thought about making it s loop but with the sun was going down I decided to turn at Great Gidding and enter town from the quieter side.

Edit: I forgot to say the balance on the bike felt great, perhaps the difference was I was wearing thicker gloves which protected the damaged nerves :thinking:


I probably should have rested, but at the end of the day yesterday I wanted to get out. That it was raining, and had been for a day and a half… meh. I stopped my TR plan because changes in the event calendar and and not taking the necessary rest to take a new FTP test. (I know my TR FTP is low and out of date. So, instead of resting, I pulled the lever to see what TrainNow served up. The wheels spun and the first dial — Endurance — had the “Recommended” tag. Yeah, whatever. I looked at the far right, Attacking. I changed it to 75min and pulled the slot machine arm again, er, pressed refresh. Raymond+4, 8x4’ VO2max workout (108%).

This is how it started.

This is how it was going near the end.

And this is how it ended.

To think just last Thursday the bike was spotless after a visit to my LBS for its biannual deep clean. (I had seriously forgotten the rims were actually a kind of deep black and the hubs had flashes of silver.)

The workout was fine. The quads were a bit tired, but it didn’t feel like a vo2max workout (I should just bump up the FTP manually until I do a test). I saw no other rider out there, only a few people on walks (with umbrellas), and a person walking a horse. My Garmin called this a “recovery” ride :joy:

The hill profile in the TR screen (and Strava) is wrong, very likely due to barometric pressure issues. I used the elevation correction feature in Strava and the elevation gain went from 630’ to 1600’ and now the profile is a more accurate representation. The previous “hill” I was doing the repeats on showed up as 0-1% when the reality was 6-7%.


I had Pettit in my calendar today but I also wanted to take it outside. It’s one long 51min interval though which is a bit boring. Petit is a level 3.2 Endurance ride so I had a look around for something similar and settled on Bald Knob. Its 3.3 so I think it is a fair substitute :thinking: and Bald Knob at least breaks it up into 3x15mins intervals :+1: Routewise it was just one of my training loops by Glatton with a couple of stints on the Old A1 to make sure I finished out of town.


A little KOM hunting today. No KOMs but 4 top 10’s (including one that got interrupted by a car running a stop sign to pull out in front of me). And some new power PRs. Getting closer to my season goal of 1000W for 30 sec. Hit 1,015W for 28s, 997W for 29s, and 976W for 30s. Hoping to get outside the next few days before moving back to indoor structure leading up to my A event.


And here I was all excited about my 759 for 38 and 740 for 40 seconds :exploding_head:. Still a fun ride here with the club and a lot of PRs on segments


Hot hot and windy ride, blew up early:

One of the A group guys was putting down 350W and I kept up for 5 minutes. Thank you to my brother from Tonga for the pull. Good times, noodle salad.

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Some hero gravel on a short evening spin. The roads are like this after they have been graded, and mag chloride applied. And very nice for this section of road which is 3/4 of a mile at 12% grade. With coarse gravel, this is section is tricky both on the way up and down - but was super nice this evening.


A four hour outing round local lanes and some off road tracks on recumbent. Bluebells still looking good. This was an easy effort outing, next VO2 max session on Friday once legs are ready.