Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

VO2 Monday

I have been doing most of my VO2 workouts on flat sections with a focus on leg speed, but today I opted for some mixed cadence work on a small “hill”. The RPE of doing VO2 work on a hill versus on the flats is so much higher.

No power PR’s today, going for repeatability. Banked a solid 19 min @ 91% or higher HRmax. :medal_sports:


First Ever Century! - 6 Pillars

Those winds were brutal (20 mph) but we had a very strong crew riding together from our local bicycling club (So I was REALLY very fortunate). I couldn’t keep up at about the 80 mile mark but I finished, which is the important part.


Well done. I live in northern Virginia and it was brutally windy on Saturday. Great job!

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Did some 2 min jobbers on Saturday:

Felt like I left an interval or two on the road. So tonight it seemed appropriate to pick it up off the road and lay it down with a little wind assist. Gassed it just enough for 2:12 at just a little above the average power from Saturday’s trio and crossed my fingers hoping for the best (I don’t have Strava segments on my bike computer). Was staring at 32mph for a good bit, so was pleased to see this:

90F / 32C when I hit the segment and then a couple hot threshold intervals:

Now it turns out somebody created that segment in 2020 on what I used to affectionately call “Pavé Secteur 1” until it was repaved earlier this year. And unbeknownst to me until recently, I held the KOM from a ride in 2017. About two weeks ago 2 guys went out and targeted it (rest of ride looked zone2-ish), so it seemed appropriate to return the favor but not go all-out and ruin the 2 threshold intervals on tonight’s plan.

WKO bumped my estimated ftp to 256W and a bunch of 3+ year power PRs from 1:48 to 2:40. Not too shabby for holding back and not going all-out. Only 14W from all-time 2-min best from 4 years ago. :metal:

Theme song: Nirvana’s unplugged cover of the Meat Puppets’ Lake of Fire


Morning road quickie to get out before the high wind comes and the rain returns. While in the saddle I kept thinking of “flat-earthers” like @bbarrera starting when I looked down at the computer at just before 3mi :grin:

I kept it reined in on the downhills because the wind was picking and because the rear (wheel) was feeling squishy, which sapped my confidence to push the winding narrow two-way descent. It was cool at 11C but with a warmish sun.

Now for lunch…


2 hot hours and I dialed down the power

Acclimatization one day at a time….


Very first organized group ride yesterday! Apparently Trondheim has a WILDLY active cycling community, there were 45 people in 5 groups for just one club. I went in the beginner group and they taught us to run a chain gang, it was very exciting :heart_eyes: There was some sort of virtual time trial happening on the route, so we were constantly being passed by very fast people with very loud disc wheels. And a guy on a recumbent. With deep-section wheels.

(I’m second wheel, blue jacket)

It was almost entirely flat as a pancake, so the 15km to get to (and from) the start point was the most strenuous part of the ride.


:clap: :tada:

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Dude, come on! I don’t want to know… :wink:


Huh, are folks like you and @ellotheth still wearing bib tights and jackets?

No joke it was 90F / 32C as I left the neighborhood and someone was walking in long pants and wearing a jacket. I’ve seen that in Southern California at 70F / 21C but never above 80F.

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It was cold, but I had to get it out of my system. For the past six months or so, I have solely trained indoors with no session longer than 150 minutes (weekday cap 90min, weekend 2-2,5 hours)

I was extremely positively surprised I was able to survive such long rides, and also strive! I had this fear that after 4 hours my wheels would just fall off, I would bonk and die of hypothermia. In the end, all went quite well. Looking forward to my first 400k this year.

Thursday: Follow Tuomas / on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.
Friday: rest
Saturday: 45 min ride with openers, snowed on 1st of May)
Sunday: Follow Tuomas / on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.


Average temp for that ride was 41F / 5C (starting at 6, dropping to 3), with wind and no sun. I was literally shivering on the bike because the pace was too low to generate enough body heat to stay warm :laughing:


Love that temp range. Last week I wore my bib tights and winter jacket. The jacket - Assos Mille GT Winter - is right up there in best outdoor clothing purchases ever made.

Some VO2 max efforts outside. Two hills ridden both ways, with the ride there and back. Go as hard as possible up the hills. Effectively 4 x 4-7 min VO2 max / threshold effort with the down hills being the recoveries. Hit 94%,91%,91%,94% of max HR on the hills. Back about 20 mins ahead of heavy rain. So good result all round. Bluebells in woods on first hill are at their best right now as well. But didn’t stop to appreciate them this time. All done in quiet lanes, no need to worry about motorised traffic.


Got most of the way around the local trail after work yesterday before the rear hub decided it had enough with a bang. 50 min very cold walk home.


I’m not riding my roadbike outside when it’s that cold. Trailriding is fine. Or skiing/skating… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah it was a hard nope from my husband too. But that club seems to ride rain or shine and I wanted IN ON IT

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It was bibs and Jersey three - four weeks ago in the UK (booked a Tuesday afternoon off to ride 3 hrs, got stuck in school traffic… doh!). We are back to rain jackets: snow hail and heavy rain today… 6 degrees at midday. Lol. Oh forgot the wind that blows you in to the opposite lane.


A bit late but the only good day of the Bank Holiday / May Day was Sunday so rode to the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds and back.

Dark green streak mid bottom qtr is the Malvern Hills.