Where are they now?

I’ve listened to all of the recent podcasts during my TR sessions, so I decided to listen to all of them starting with the very first one a few years ago: #001! Needless to say you guys have come a long way! One of the things I’ve been wondering is how the advice you’ve doled out over the almost 200 episodes has made improvements in the performance of those who submitted questions? It would be interesting to hear back from those who asked a training question to see where they’re at now. Perhaps you can ask for feedback from those whose questions you answered in early episodes to see how successful they’ve been? What worked for them and what didn’t? Everyone likes to see how well the Biggest Loser does at the end of the show, but are they able to stay that way 2 or 3 years later? This could even be a podcast episode of it’s own?!


I like this idea! Car Talk (a widely popular NPR show) used to do this with “Stump the Chumps.” From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_Talk

A recurring feature was “Stump the Chumps,” in which the hosts revisited a caller from a previous show to determine the accuracy and the effect, if any, of their advice. A similar feature began in May 2001, “Where Are They Now, Tommy?” It began with a comical musical theme with a sputtering, backfiring car engine and a horn as a backdrop. Tom then announced who the previous caller was, followed by a short replay of the essence of the previous call, preceded and followed by harp music often used in other audiovisual media to indicate recalling and returning from a dream. The hosts then greeted the previous caller, confirmed that they had not spoken since their previous appearance and asked them if there had been any influences on the answer they were about to relate, such as arcane bribes by the NPR staff. The repair story was then discussed, followed by a fanfare and applause if the Tappet Brothers’ diagnosis was correct, or a wah-wah-wah music piece mixed with a car starter operated by a weak battery (an engine which wouldn’t start) if the diagnosis was wrong. The hosts then thanked the caller for their return appearance.

I’ll send this over to the podcast crew for consideration.


Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers! :smiley: I miss that show :frowning:


Me too! I grew up listening to those while helping my dad work on cars in the garage. Such a great show!

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