When to switch to race specific bike on trainer

I have been training during the off season on my road bike and am about to complete the half distance traithlon base plan. I was just wondering when the best time was to switch to my tri bike for more race specific training? I don’t like to abuse it more than necessary on the trainer. I am currently 18 weeks out from my A race. Thanks for your help!

I can’t give a specific number of weeks that you’ll need to be on your race bike, but the more time spent on your Tri bike in the aero position, the more adapted you will be on race day. Pedalling kinematics are quite different between a road bike and a TT/Tri bike, so training in the specific position that you will be racing in is crucial.

For what it’s worth, here at TrainerRoad HQ we’ve logged thousands of hours on many different expensive carbon bikes, including TT bikes, and we have never had any sort of issue or damage caused by the trainer. If you are particularly worried, avoid standing up the trainer, but damage caused by trainers is a pretty rare occurance.



Thanks, @Bryce. I’ll start the build phase on my Tri bike. Appreciate your help. Ya’lls platform and support is second to none. I use it 100% as coaching for all of my races. Doing my best to keep spreading the good word and get more users signed up.


Thanks so much @Rossguy, we really appreciate that!

I wish you the best of luck with your preparation this year :slight_smile:

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Couple of tips regarding using your outdoor bike on the trainer.

Most likely damage is paint scratching taking on and off the trainer. I’ve scratch some seat stays in the past.

Don’t forget to lube the chain periodically. Easy to forget how many miles you are putting on it. Similarly, don’t forget about your pedals either. I’ll inject some grease into my Speedplay grease ports every couple of months.

The bottom bracket will get some wear but I usually replace mine once a year or so regardless of it being on the trainer or not.

Be careful with your FTP. The podcasts state that the time trial position eats some of your watts. Keep that in mind if something is harder than usual.

Probably would make sense to re-test when you switch bikes on the trainer, especially since you are headed into a new block.

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Agreed. The build plan has the ramp test as the first workout so I should be covered there!

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