Stick with TT bike or move to Road bike

I have been using TR for several years and found that my FTP on the TT bike is lower than the road, reasons are well documented. This year I started my training season on the TT bike and have stuck with it for about 12 weeks now, currently on Phase II SB MV. I am scheduled for another RAMP test in about a week and have complicated changing to the road bike for the remainder of the training season. I am moving to Phase III Rolling Road Race MV next. Here are my questions

  1. Stay on the TT bike until I start the Specialty phase or change now?
  2. Stay on the TT bike regardless?

The big race coming up for me consist of a Road race, Crit, and TT but the majority of the races I do are crits and road with an occasional TT. I recently did a long weekend on the road bike and felt great so I feel like training on the TT bike indoor transitions well to the road bike outside but was curious what the TR community thought?

I agree, I believe TT transitions better to Road than the other way. Reason being (IMO), spending time in the aero position on the TT bike increases flexibility and aero discipline which is very useful in staying in the drops or laying along the hoods while on the road bike. Also, with TT training (if staying aero) we are constantly focused on the important aspects of body position even when uncomfortable. This often makes the Road position(s) feel luxurious and more powerful, which it often is! So, from my similar experience, I would maintain the TT training and transition more to Road as those race dates get closer. Then I would dedicate 1-2 training sessions per week to TT, the rest being on the Road bike to maintain and improve handling within group. As mentioned, your power should readily transfer between the two.


This is great advice. Nate and Chad have been known to train on the TT but ride Road bikes outdoors. The only other thing I’d add is to test your FTP on the Road bike before important races so you have a better idea of what power numbers to target.


Thanks Guys! I’ll stick with the TT bike for the remainder of the build phase and then keep it at least part of the specialty phase as well. The TT is a huge part of the three day stage race so it makes since to keep it going. I like the idea of testing on the road bike prior to the big event as well to clarify where I am on it.