When to reintroduce intensity after recovering from Bronchitis?

In early March I got a miscellaneous cold-like sickness. I was out of the country so I wasn’t riding, but since I got back there were some respiratory issues in z3 and above, and it became apparent I had bronchitis. I have been recovering for about 6-7 weeks now, and I know it can take a lot longer. I just don’t know how to tell whether or not I’m still sick. Off the bike I have no symptoms except for the occasional phlegm maybe once a day. On the bike I still experience some respiratory limitations above z3 including coughing and general EIB stuff. Obviously I’m not done yet, but what should I look for as far as signs to get back to training?

I think you just have to go based on feel. Start with some easy rides and see how it goes. Ramp up a bit at a time.

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That’s a bummer- I totaaaaaally understand how frustrating it is when a lingering illness interferes with your progress. I strongly recommend seeing a doctor for advice on returning to training and intensity. You don’t want to risk setting yourself back further by re-introducing intensity or volume too soon. Bronchitis is NO joke.

Your focus should be on returning to full health before re-introducing intensity. Adding the stress of intensity on top of the stress your body is under from the illness is likely to end badly. Fitness should always be built on a foundation of health.

What can you do now for a faster recovery?
Nail the basics!

  1. Sleep! Do your best to maximise the amount of sleep you can get. This will go a long way in getting you back to health as quickly as possible. If that means sacrificing time on the bike, remind yourself that sleeping more now will allow you to get back to full training sooner.
  2. Nutrition! Make sure you are nourishing yourself and giving your body the building blocks it needs to recover.

Focusing on these now will ultimately allow you to make a faster recovery and get back to productive training sooner. I really hope you feel better soon! :mending_heart:

Not sure if you have seen a doctor, but for what it’s worth, in January I thought I had bronchitis with similar symptoms, though maybe more phlegm than you are describing. Turns out I had pneumonia and was prescribed two different types of antibiotics and an inhaler. Took a further 6 weeks to be symptom free…