Bronchitis, how soon

I’m on day 10 of Bronchitis, and I feel good. The cough has gone at rest. I am EIB diagnosed so have Brown/Blue (Prevent/Fix) inhalers, 1 day of antibiotics left.

I went out today for a 30 minute ride including 3x2 mins at 135%. I got the EIB cough during the 1 minute rest after the first interval which subsided, and I suffered on the 3rd interval and didn’t complete it. Not up to standard but…

From a general health perspective, too soon, or carry on? Tomorrow I have a 1hr Z3 interval, and then over the weekend 6 hours of Z2 to complete - I could reign in half of the Z2 if I get tired.


In my opinion, you’re pushing way too hard. You’re body and immune system are working hard enough as it is to fight off the bronchitis. If you’re going to ride, I would be doing endurance pace (at the lower end of it at that) until you’re sure that you’re over it, then bring the intensity up over the course of a few days. Keep the workouts easy, and let your body recover. A week or two of dialing it back isn’t going to unravel your season. Push too hard too soon, and it could get a lot worse and cause bigger problems.

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Sure thanks. Things is I feel ok and my resting HR has been back to normal for 4 days now. But it’s the usually cyclist problem exaggerated by the fact I have a 12hr race at the end of the month which I should be doing lots of Z2/3 for, before I taper which of course I’m missing out on.

I’m asthmatic and the last time I had bronchitis and caught it early it was still 4 weeks before I was back to exercising with any intensity.
People recover differently but don’t risk pushing too hard and getting sick again, it usually ends up worse the second time.
Are you on steroids (Prednisone) for your chest?

That sounds way too soon and way too hard. I’d try with easy Z2 rides, and if you can feel that your disease is limiting you, don’t push any further. Take more time off. Any time you do exercise, you delay your healing process, because your immune system has to repair the damage to your muscles in addition to dealing with whatever bug you have caught.

I’ve had ample opportunity this year to deal with structured training and illness, my 1-year old is one of the cutest incubators of germs you have ever seen. Once I went on a long, harder ride with my team mates (about 120 km, 1700 m of elevation if memory serves), and that added another week to my recuperation. On the other hand, that was an epic ride, in my top 5 for sure, so in that sense I think it was worth it.

Are you on steroids (Prednisone) for your chest?

Yes I’m EIB diagnosed previously and have a Salbutamol inhaler - the Doc has now added a Brown inhaler (preventative, Clenil) to my daily regime.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll dial down todays activity to a Z2 and stop if I feel wheezy.

I’m glad I took this advice. I did 1h:20 Z2 on the turbo - no issues at all with the exception of an elevated HR - about 12 BPM higher than usual. That was telling, clearly I’m still not 100% despite how I feel.

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