When to change weight settings / acknowledge weight loss

I changed my diet and am losing weight, but obviously weight fluctuates throughout the day and day by day. Therefore I am having a hard time determining when I have Made enough progress to make it „official“ (change the weight in TR).

Typically I use the „empty morning weight“ as my TR setting, but that also fluctuates a little. So change my weight in TR after being on the new weight 3 days in a row?

How do you guys handle this? It‘s always a little reward when i can put in a new weight, but i feel like cheating if next day i fluctuate upwards.

These are the things we worry about when there is nothing else to do (…lockdown).

For TR…when I do an ftp test. w’kg has no effect on your workout so no need to update often

When I was using zwift…before every race


I know it does not have an effect on TR :sweat_smile: it‘s about acknowledging / recognizing progress.

The only correct answer is the lowest number you have ever seen. You’re now on the same page as everyone else on the bunch ride FTP dick waving contest


No dick waving or group rides. This is just me trying to track progress without having the feeling that i am cheating myself. If i want low numbers I train, take a hot bath and sweat out all the water. Nothing gained there!


Only when weight has consistently moved 5kg.

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If you have smart scales, smartscalesync.com will sync todays weight with TrainerRoad. So every day in my case!


I track a rolling average over seven days, and only update when this figure changes (by whatever minimum delta you choose)


+1 for rolling 7 day average


if you’re wanting to track progress, track power improvements not weight. Weight is something to worry about after everything else plateaus. Too many amateur’s focus on wkg, which makes little difference in most of the events they do.


I weigh myself occasionally, but only change it in TR on Ramp Test Day.

I weigh myself naked, fueled, and quenched immediately before a ride, fwiw

I update it when it’s a number I like and pretend it didnt happen when it’s not :woman_facepalming:t2: :sweat_smile:


Power is my main focus and i do not feel that cleaning up my diet is holding me up. Since the start of my season (November 7th) I have 100% compliance and finished all workouts.

My weight is however holding me back when racing. Last year i raced at 86 kg and 1,84 m, i would say that is ~10 kg more than the average rider at that height. Definitely struggled mostly on the climbs.

So far i dropped 4 kg and my next ftp test is Tuesday. I would estimate that i gained 20 W in the same timeframe. Juggling both seems to work so far and it‘s not a crash diet. Actually just cleaned up what i eat and stopped drinking alcohol :sweat_smile:


Just use your weight empty in the morning. If you are looking for a justification, that is probably close to your average weight during a hard 1+ hour ride.

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What scale are you using? I just purchased a Withings Body+ and set up an account with Smart Scale Sync but nothing works. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them.

I have “Renpho” scales, which I sync via their app to fitbit. From fitbit, smartscalesync does it’s stuff to send to Garmin, TrainerRoad etc.

Only issues have been occasionally Garmin change something which trips up the script, but Patrick is very good at fixing it.

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Are you mad?!


I only use round kg in TR/Strava. I change mine whenever I have been nearest to the kg for “enough time” :smiley:

Haha…lasted 9 month and earned me an upgrade to cat 1. Now a glass of wine every once in a while.

I add whatever I am on Saturdays mornings after waking, seems to work.