Updating Weight for W/kg

I may be overthinking this… I weigh myself every morning, not paying a ton of attention to the number. I update my weight in TR every month or when doing a ramp test.

Two questions: How often do you update your weight in TR? And how do you determine which weight reading to use?

For instance: I’ve considered using an average for the period, or an average for the week leading up the the ramp test, or the weight on the day of the test.

Again, I’m not putting too much weight (pun intended) on this “w/kg” number but I am interested to hear others’ thoughts. Weight, and FTP for that matter, are always changing so I’m looking for the simplest method with just enough accuracy.

  • Probably if it swings consistently 5lbs or more different from the current value?
  • I’d try to look more at a running average over a week at least. Single day variations happen often for many reasons. So a longer range picture may be “better” and more stable.

At present, there is no impact on W/KG over time in the TR world. It just shows up on that one page with no tracking or other way to use the info. So, it’s largely irrelevant and not much more than an “interesting” number. So I don’t see much need to sweat the details more than ball park numbers.

I would love for my Withings scale to update TR weight and that has been mentioned many times by others, so hopefully they prioritize it. However, there are other tools you can use that do update automatically and they track the data historically, which TR doesn’t do. Intervals.icu will pull your weight from Strava and conveniently, Strava will pull weight from Google Fit, which conveniently pulls from HealthMate. So in my case, when it all works correctly, I’m seeing updated weight and watts per kg historically on intervals.icu.


I use smartscalesync so my weight in TrainerRoad, Garmin Connect, Strava updates any time I use my scales.

Whether it matters is different thing - in the real world, your weight will vary with clothing, how much you’re carrying on you etc.


When I was trying to lose (a lot of) weight I used a spreadsheet with four columns: date; the day’s weight; 5 day rolling average; 11 day rolling average.

Why five and eleven day rolling averages? Well neither are a week so filter out those behaviours that we might subconsciously do each week on the same day and they give you a short and longer term figure.

I’d weigh myself first thing in the morning naked and after having had a pee. It’s the most consistent time of the day, just having breakfast can add 500g+ to your “weight”.

I suppose updating your weight in TR on a monthly basis might be a better way to go rather than every weighing changing things.


For TR, only if the weekly average has moved 5lbs. For Zwift, anytime it sets a new low point by even a single gram?

Yes, record the lowest weight in the past year and leave it there until something lower comes along. :wink:

All kidding aside other than the W/KG indicator on the career page I don’t see it as useful so I don’t really think about it or mess with it.

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