When Outside Racing Resumes

Do you think the races will be harder or easier than normal? Talking local, regional and national amateur racing.

It’s a bit relative and subjective I know, but, I think the racing will be harder. My feeling is I think many are able to devote more time towards training and recovery and therefore a higher number of tough riders to beat. I just think the average racer will have more in the tank than ever before. Also, all the pent up desire to ride or in this case race with others will hopefully translate into more entries equalling a more dynamic and aggressive race.



Harder for sure - that’s my take on how it will be in the UK anyhow.


I’m not so sure. I think a lot of racers will be missing the competitive outdoor rides, racing and will possibly have an aversion to the turbo so might go a bit stale. Those who had already adopted the turbo might find themselves elevated.

I hope…


I think for my location the local races will be tougher. We’re still allowed to ride outdoors and lots of racers are still doing so. Personally, I know I’ve gotten stronger since my normal schedule has changed. I’ve spent more time on the trainer and been able to do longer aerobic weekend rides. From looking at some of my local competitor’s strava files I’d say their taking the same approach.


Completely anecdotal but I regularly see people on Zwift w/ crazy miles for their rides right now.

Last week I passed a guy who was at 219 and today I passed a guy at 299…and he was headed up the Alpe.

There were also a ton of people Everesting today.

My guess is there are gonna be a lot of fit people coming out of this.


I wonder if and when the new converts will tire of this and lose interest? Like many new toys. TR, Z and the others are fun and rewarding. And I expect there will be some who take to it long term.

But I also think some will bore of it or even rebel at some point, depending on how long they are stuck with this. Ultimately I think there will be a range of outcomes here, since people, their respective backgrounds, goals and such vary widely.



Depending on when the lockdown gets lifted, I can see the field sizes being smaller in the amateur events. People will have drawn a line through this season and focus will shift to next year, making this period/year a super training block.

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Not sure but what is see here is that a lot of people are in winter modus, long rides but not specific…I think it will be just a reset, equally hard as any other season start.


Yep as above - I’m riding lots but it is all Z2 - if we start racing UK tt then I will do a 4 week VO2 block - I’m thin and fit but don’t have the hard sessions under my belt…I’m in winter mode - may help my long term fitness though not beating myself up 3x a week!


I will be interested to see from a local amateur perspective. I still see some riders, riding outdoors. I have taken this time to now increase my training, and more motivated for when racing does resume. (And I am looking at January 2021) That I want to start being at the pointy end of the field and winning. I working on aspects that I feel need to be, currently in a 6 weeks short power build, and including 1-2 races Crits or 40-50k races a week. To get that high intensity.

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I can see the first race back being carnage. Everyone overly motivated and racing like they’re on zwift.


I think it depends how long this thing lasts.

Personally I’m in the camp that thinks no racing until next year - so I’m hoping for a normal start to the season next year with fairly typical racing

If I’m wrong and racing starts up sometime this year then I would expect it to be harder the sooner it starts. People will be very fit and races will be brutal if we start in June, slightly less so in July, and actually pretty easy in August.

Reasoning behind this is that folks will start to burn out with the inside work the longer this lasts


That’s a good point.

In the UK I think the racing will be harder in the time trials and that those of us who are still working full time away from home will be at a disadvantage to those getting 80% pay to basically train as much as they wish.
I’ve noticed on my club’s Strava feed many riders are doing double their usual weekly totals since being furloughed.

Flip side to that is fact you’re still working, haven’t been furloughed and possibly be facing redundancy, if this continues.

I know which side of that fence I’d rather be on, having recently been furloughed. Amateur race results mean nothing when the mortgage payment is due.

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So true. Been furloughed 3X totaling 15 years. Maybe a 4th this fall. Similar to health I think most who have never been furloughed (or lost a job/career) take it for granted. Maybe. Just my opinion talking to friends who have not got through the emotional roller coaster of it all. It sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Be thankful if your employment/career is sound. I envy you.


The pandemic is and will test peoples resilience and mental fortitude. On and off the bike. I completely agree, re burn out. My negative thoughts arrive from, how fit will I BE when racing resumes, will the training work? That’s my reoccurring negative thought.

If cross happens in the fall I expect it will be really tough/crowded. Lots of rodies and MTBers trying to salvage a bit of racing in 2020.

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There it is! I totally forgot about cross. Let the scheming begin…

No harder and no easier. Everyone probably upped their training and riding.

I’ll probably carry more fitness into the season once it starts but so will almost everybody else. We’ll all be a little faster but it’s still going to hurt.

Like Lemond said, “It never gets easier, you just go faster.” Problem is almost everybody else did the same and got faster.