Roadmap - Features Confirmed?

Since I last used TR, the price has increased. I understand this is to increase staff etc to expand the product. I’m happy to support this as I value the product.

My question is:

Is there a roadmap of any kind, what features are being worked on? I appreciate timelines won’t be public as this is rarely a good idea but a list of confirmed features in the pipeline would be interesting.

Personally, I love the data analysis side and would be interested to hear if the Performance Analytics are to be expanded to incorporate some of the statistical analysis found in places like Intervals and WKO5.


No official list that is easy to see or review. The forum in the TrainerRoad Software category and the Feature Request tag have some that are “confirmed” to be in process.

Stuff like importing Run and Swim workouts, vacation and time off in Plan Builder and other features are said to be in process. You can skim these with filters and look for comments from Bryce or Nate staring that they are coming.

Otherwise, we don’t have much info. I am not away of any stated plans to broaden analysis on a large level. But there are a number of suggestions that they acknowledged as good ideas, but no claim to being in process.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I will just have to wait excitedly for updates. I’m really hoping for a dedicated mobile app. So I can run Workouts and view Career, Forum etc all from within the app.

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They have stated several times on the podcast and forum that a major update/redesign to the App is coming soon. But we don’t know what new features that is going to include.


There already is a dedicated mobile app where you can run workouts, view your career, view plans, and view the workout library.

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@Nate_Pearson has mentioned a few times on the podcast that he doesn’t want to overcomplicate the analytics side of things.

They don’t offer as much as some other platforms but I think they have the core metrics which might actually inform the way you train.

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They also enable connecting to all the other platforms (free or not) that allow you to delve deeper in the data if you so desire, without putting off the users with no interest in in-depth analytics.

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