Wheel not spinning

I have a set of Roval CLX rims. Replaced the bearings and when I go to bolt the wheel onto the bike the wheel only spins a few times. It looks like the end cap on the non drive side is causing friction and not allowing rotation.

Any ideas on what to do next?

Are you certain you got the bearings installed cleaning with any necessary spacers and such?

Misalignment or incorrect depth of install are potential issues for one thing.

Yeah. I think it’s not deep enough. No issues with my bontrager rsl 37v. Did the bearings the same day.

Once I install the dust cap on the roval it won’t spin but a few times. Makes me think the bearing is a few mm to high and when pressure on the end cap causes a grinding noise like a rotor rub.

Review this?

More on the DT Swiss channel, I’m assuming your Roval CLX are like mine.

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I’ll take a look.
Roval rapide clx 1 is what I have

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looks like my non drive side sits more inside the hub, tearing into it tomorrow.

At 7:35: check proper function. Does it work? Did you use the right bearings? Are they seated properly. Don’t know who did the work, but the LBS screwed up a wheelset of mine. Had to disassemble and reseat the bearings. :roll_eyes: I’ll do the work myself from now on, thanks…

I think it does, and the end cap is longer to compensate. Did you put the end caps on the right side? Just had to ask. Although I think that would be hard to pull off, it’s been a while since I did mine. Re-did mine…

You can’t put end caps on the wrong side.

No my buddy did it with me, he is a mechanic. We did 4 wheels 2 front and 2 rear hub with this design. All the others are good.

I think it’s not seated deep enough and when the dust cap is installed it pushes on both sides of the bearing causing the issue

With no dust cap on it works fine

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Right size bearings, did you use the right number of bearings, did you apply grease?

I did grease the bearing. It’s the right bearing also, I ordered 6 of them and the same bearing worked on a different hub but same brand hub.

Sorry but you never know, well we didn’t know how much you know, and who is helping.

So if it didn’t seat well, who’s fault was that. (Use a bigger hammer) I had run into a hub that had similar sized endcaps, one was longer so, yeah apparently people still tried to put the wrong one in the right hole.

Was there a washer involved? Did it go on the right side of the bearing? I think I saw a washer on the DT hubs.

But I hate issues like that. It’s really simple, and it’s not working?!?! :person_shrugging: :flushed: :rage: :exploding_head: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :pray:

I hope you find out, and will let the forum know.

It would be me and my buddies fault for not validating it worked and then when I needed it, it was not working

Opposite of what I thought. Bearing was to far in, dust cap sits on inner race of bearing. Since bearing was too deep the little ridge on the dust cap wasn’t making contact with inner race and the dust cap was resting on hub body.

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How does a bearing get too far in? And related, what happens next when the axle compresses the system if it’s possible for it to move further inwards?

Sounds like it doesn’t really matter its depth. My guess is that bearing sits in the hub body and the load from the weight prevents it from moving. They just want it to spin freely

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Ok that’s mega confusing, I’ve never seen a bearing that doesn’t sit on a lip on the inside. If there’s preload adjustment it’s always on the outside. They seem to be telling you to bash the bearing in further if it’s loose and bash it back out a bit if it’s tight…that seems mad to me. I’ve actually got to replace the bearings in a similar hub so may be finding out more about this in the near future!

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Yeah, it’s weird. But it’s spinning now.

My buddy had done the bontrager offering with dtswiss 240 internals and he cracked open the roval hub and he said fuck.