Bontrager Aeolus Pro wheels How well do yours spin? [Tubeless with 30-40ml sealent]

I understand this is a lower end carbon wheel but mine do not spin well. Thinking of aftermarket bearings. Figure there are some ocd folks in hear like me that might have the same opinion. Thoughts? Is it the sealent?

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So pretty… lol

Huh… I was going to say “that’s unusual” but, I only have my experience with my set Aeolus Pro 50’s. Which spin like demons - I’m not large, and I out-roll people on downhills all the time, even sitting up in the wind. I just have them set up like regular clinchers.

What makes you say they don’t spin well, anyway?

Are these brand new wheels ? If so, give grease/bearings a week or two to loosen up.

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Was going to post video but not supported format. It’s the simple hanging hand wheel spin. In this test it doesn’t even spin well at all.

I have about 500 miles on them no change yet.

One thing I would suggest is to check the bearing pre-loading and see if perhaps, it’s too tight.

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