Problem with Wheel

Please solve a mechanical issue for me. I built up a steel frame Colnago (2000 Tecnos) w/ Campy Record 10 and a set of Fulcrum 5 wheels. Have put a few hundred miles on it. As part of my pre ride routine, I spin both wheels and squeeze the brakes, just to make sure nothing is out of alignment, sticking etc. I spin the back wheel and hear what sounds like a BB rolling around inside the wheel. Didn’t have time to deal w/ it at the moment, so I took the other Colnago out (yes, I have two Colnagos. It’s a fetish). Had some time before work this am, took the wheel off, spun it, still heard the sound. Took the tire and tube off, nothing fell out. Spun the wheel, still heard it. Spent about 10 minutes shaking and turning it, finally got these (pictured) to fall through the valve stem hole. Are these coverings for the spokes? Didn’t take the rim tape off yet. Is the wheel rideable? or am I going to get a puncture? Thanks in advance


Not sure but those look like they could be the back part of 2 spoke nipples that sheared off. Do you have any loose spokes?

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That’s what I was thinking. Re loose spokes: nothing obvious, but I didn’t have time to go through and do a squeeze test on each. I’ll check when I get home. Thanks!

I’m not exactly sure how those wheels are built but I know some manufacturers (Zipp) use a washer (non tech term) that sits under the nipple on the inside of the wheel to help spread tension when the spokes are tightened. After time these can fail and they rattle around in the wheel until removed, but I would have expected yours to have lasted a lot longer.

That’s what they look like to me. I would remove the tape and check before I rode that wheel again.

Most definitely. I was itching to ride steel last Sunday, so I threw on my old Campy Euros rear wheel. Love those things. Thanks for the input