Disc rotor sitting crooked

So, I’m fault finding at the moment before I go to the LBS.

I’ve got some new 404firecrest wheelset. I presumed my front rotor had warped so I replaced it and it still rubs. Not just a bit, about 50% of the rotation of the wheel rubs.

Tried a different wheel (303) on the bike and its not rubbing, it runs straight.

Swapped rotors between the wheel that runs true and the one that rubs and it seems the wheel is the common denominator. 3 rotors, including the one I thought was warped, run straight on the 303 and the same 3 rub on the 404.

Can the mounting point/front hub be off centre? Is that even a thing, or are there any other suggestions?


Is it thru-axle or QR? Are the endcaps on right, and is the wheel sitting in the dropouts right?

I suppose you could have a deformed hub, but that somehow seems less likely to me.

It’s also relatively common that hubs are not exactly the same width and you have to adjust the caliper when swapping wheels. Or perhaps shim the rotor?

Was it like this since you bought it? If so I’d suspect some manufacturing defect,

It’s thru axle, so I’m pretty confident that the wheel is straight. There appears to be no wobble on the tyre

I’ve only had the bike a month. I didn’t notice anything the first few rides

Ok, as an update, the LBS have confirmed the centrelock bit of the wheel isnt flat! Replacement incoming

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