Switching freehubs to swap bikes...why does the end cap not tighten?

I have multiple sets of Roval wheels of different spec level and am wanting to switch around the bikes I use them on, which means switching out the freehubs, cassette and rotors. One bike has a XDR freehub. The end cap on the XDR freehub clicks nicely and you need pliers to get it off. The other freehub is a Ratchet LN. they are both on DT Swiss hubs (one is a 370 and the other a 350 if that matters). When I put the Ratchet LN hub on the wheel that had the XDR, the end cap clicks, but can be easily pulled off. I also notice that there is less of the spindle showing at the top of the freehub. Is this OK/normal? I assume everything will snug together when on the bike with a thru axle, but just not sure about being easily able to pull the freehub/cassette combo off the wheel. I’ve done a lot of searching online and nothing suggests these freehubs won’t be interchangeable easily. Below are images showing the differing amount showing at the top of each freehub.

I’ve got Roval and both XDR and Shimano HG freehubs. Pretty sure the caps are different. Will take a pic and post later.

XDR left, Shimano right.

Yes, the caps are different to work with the slightly different shape of the top of the freehub. In your experience, do the caps install differently? ie. the XDR pops on really securely, requiring pliers to pull off and the Shimano coming off by hand pretty easily…even with the cassette installed? Thanks!

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the opposite with mine! XDR pops off easily, and the Shimano end cap requires pliers!

Ha. Interesting. I guess tolerances aren’t very good on these things. I’ll just go with it. Thanks.

the XDR isn’t exactly loose, I have to give it a good strong yank. But yeah, I can do it with my hand just like on the DT Swiss hubs of my ENVE wheels. I’ve had 3 sets of Roval, and only had to resort to pliers with the Shimano end cap.

Mine come off very easily. I assume it’s fine…

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