Whats your Thanksgiving plan? (Riding and Eating)

Beside all the FOOD, seems like its gonna be like a mini training camp for me.
It was unplanned until today but it should look like this!

Today 11/20 TR 1hr Huffaker DONE!
11/21 Bike commute to work (usually i don’t do this but I need to run an errand before work).
11/22 THANKSGIVING DAY 50 mile ish bike ride, then the ultimate cheat meal.
11/23 25ish mile z1/2 recovery ride.
11/24 TR 1.5 hr sweetspot + outdoor ride to go to my bike shop.
11/25 60-75 mile endurance z2/3 ride.
11/26 Back to work, gonna crawl and die under my desk.

Whats your food and riding plan for this extra long weekend?


I’ll be eating lunch with father-in-law, gazing out the window and drooling over a 13.9 mile, 4100’ HC climb that will have to wait until next time…


Off bike for 3 days, visiting parents in SW Florida. I’m probably going to have an anxiety attack by the time Thursday rolls around.


Started last Saturday with my ski season training plan (a little behind the ball as ski season’s already started up here in New England!)

Saturday: Backcountry ski, Uphill: 2.3 miles, 1800ft @ 15%, 1:48 time, and then 2.5m downhill.
Sunday: Glassy -1, 1:30 tempo intervals + strength training
Monday: Mont Albert +1, 1h tempo Intervals
Tuesday: Bays, 1h endurance + 20s sprints, strength training
Wednesday: Probably Carillion or Carillion -1, strength training
Thursday: Carter in the AM, gorging myself with food, and wishing I was out skiing, thanksgiving is in Vermont close to Killington and lots of backcountry, and gonna be way too crowded and loud for me, so some peace and quiet would be appreciated…
Friday: Heading out to scope some backcountry spots in the area to check on coverage, might do some hiking, and depending on how much of that I do will determine if I ride or not.
Saturday / Sunday: Going to ski one of these days, and will do an endurance ride the other, probably something like Andrews +1 or a full rest day.

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Saturday 11/17: Local Rally 42 miles though planned 75 miles (featuring an endo crash…thankfully rode away with only minor bruises)
Sunday 11/18: Rest Day
Monday 11/19: Rest Day
Tuesday 11/20: Fletcher 1.5 hours of 60-75% FTP with form drills
Wednesday 11/21: Rest Day (Shift Work)
Thursday 11/22: 20 Mile 1 Hour Session while on lunch break. Also plan to ride casually on a hardtail during work. Meal planned: Turkey Panini from Starbucks and beet salad. Then Black Friday shopping after work.
Friday 11/23: Rest Day (Birthday Party Part 1 at dinner)
Saturday 11/24: Fletcher (Birthday Party Part 2 at dinner)
Sunday: Rest Day

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how many TSS are you gonna give yourself for black friday shopping? 200? 300?

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LOL Its gonna feel like a Ramp Test dealing with all the crazies and trying to herd my family around each store.


I am trying not to go Black Friday shopping at all… Have you been to Soho in NYC? It’s like the front door of Walmart on black Friday everyday… Imagine that on steroids! Lol

I might bike to Rapha for their sale, that’s a workout right? :wink:

But I am super jealous of @pcort ski plans! That sounds super fun!

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@bigdaddynewt exactly the same, building stress, and then when you finally get home and are done just collapse onto the couch and pass out!

@osmondcreative I live in Nashua NH, so we get a ton of mass residents coming up for shopping (no sales tax) and it’s a zoo, but nothing compared to anything NYC… At least you guys are trained for it, every year around now it feels like our weekend population doubles!

As for the skiing, I can’t believe it’s mid November and I’ve been out in the backcountry on natural snow :flushed: Last year I was stoked to get out last day of November and ski on the 10 trails of man made stuff.

I think maybe in this year make something different…
Not turkey.
I found one interesting recipe - Grilled Sea Bream
Will be ok?