What's the oldest iOS version supported by the Trainerroad app?

I have an old iPad 1 (the very first iPad!) lying around and I was wondering if I can use it as a dedicated training tablet. It’s running iOS 5, the latest version that can be installed on it. There’s a workaround that allows you to install older versions of apps on Apple devices with older firmware where you “purchase” or get the app on another supported device (or through iTunes). You will then get prompted on the older device (logged in to the same Apple ID) that you can install the app there but only an older version, if there is one. It did not work with Trainerroad.

So I just want to confirm, what was the version of iOS when the Trainerroad app first came out? This will then determine what old devices it can be installed on.

Asking in general in case there are also other people with old devices that may be running more recent iOS versions than mine but not the very latest versions. Of course with the caveat that the older versions are not officially supported anymore so it may have glitches (I doubt that though as Trainerroad software seems solid!).

We launched the very first version of TrainerRoad on iOS in September 2014, and at that time, it worked with the iPad 2 or higher, and the iPhone 4S or higher. Unfortunately, the original version of the iPad was never supported :pensive:.

To be clear though, our minimum requirements have changed since the original launch. I am not familiar with the process you’ve described above, but the current version of the TrainerRoad app is compatible only with iOS 9 or newer, and the iPad 3 or newer.

I hope this helps!

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Yup, this was very helpful. Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks, Bryce!

Based on this list of the maximum iOS version for all mobile Apple devices, the only devices Trainerroad will not work on are the iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS and older.