Extended warm-up, cool-down not available (MacBook Pro OS X 10.9)

I don’t seem to have the extended workout capabilities on my MacBook Pro. My just downloaded installation of the TrainerRoad App is v2.7.7 released in May 2016. Is the latest version just not available on this older OS? Or am I missing something? Thanks!

The app should automatically tell you when you launch it that there is a new version. The current Mac version is: 2018.50.0.88107

Since the version you have is so old, you should probably download the app again from: Download the Latest Version of TrainerRoad for Your Device - TrainerRoad

Hey there!

The minimum system requirement for Mac computers is OS X 10.11, so unfortunately you will not be able to download the latest version of TrainerRoad :pensive:.

What you are currently using is the “Legacy” verison, which is pretty limited in features. If you would like to have a more complete TrainerRoad experience, I would recommend using another TrainerRoad compatible device such as an iOS or Andoid Mobile Device, or a compatible PC or Mac.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try my Android … but the screen is sooo small. :disappointed_relieved::wink:

I know, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. The Legacy version is not going away, so you are more than welcome to continue using it, but you’ll just miss some of the new features we roll out.

I think the updates that I can’t access are pretty minor to the whole shebang. No worries. I’m just a luddite at times. Very happy with your product!!

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