What's the most stable platform to run TR on?

I’ve only used my iPhone and iPad as well over Bluetooth and I’ve never encountered an issue.

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I run TR on a MacBook Pro with ANT+, captures the trainer info. I run a Garmin 935 to my PM for separate data on BT. The MacBook virtually never drops (knock on wood), less than 1 second every month or two at most.

Is anyone using a Samsung Tab A. I’m not an Apple fan so would prefer an Android tablet if I am going to switch away from the PC

I haven’t had any issues running TR from my Android phone. Note 5 for about 6 months and S9+ for about 6 months. Both have been 100%.

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I was using a Samsung Tab A until a software upgrade broke the native Ant+ connection to my Powertap P1’s. Now I have to the BT settings for all devices.

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Old Galaxy Note 4 always works.

p.s. Plus the intervals looks shorter than on a PC.


Interference doesn’t care about how close together devices are. Interference is more like signal jamming. It’s sort of the same thing as if you’re standing in a crowded concert hall with the music blaring. You can be right next to someone, but unless you’re shouting, you have zero chance to communicate. There’s just too much background noise.

Most consumer grade wireless devices don’t have a “shout” option. The best you can do is to put them close together, which should help, but not always. Depending on the device sometimes even changing the orientation of the devices can help, because signal typically doesn’t radiate in a perfect sphere around devices.

I’ll also add that interference on the 2.4GHz spectrum is SUPER common. Lots of devices use this, and there aren’t enough non-overlapping channels. And it’s common for devices to use the wrong channels, causing more overlap than is necessary.

There’s sometimes a significant difference in the wireless radio/antennas that different devices use. But not a good way to tell ahead of time what’s good, and what isn’t. The easiest thing is to simply trial and error your various devices, and decide which happens to perform the best.

TLDR: If you’re dropping signal, blame interference.

iPad (so iOS) paired with 3 devices:

Wahoo Snap wheel-on trainer
Stages LH crank
Wahoo Tickr HRM

Works flawlessly with no additional dongles etc. as all are able to use Bluetooth to connect to the iPad


Proximity does matter because of signal to noise ratio. There would have to be a pretty fair spike in other activity to cause it to drop (and I mean a hard drop not just a blip). It doesn’t reconnect, it just drops. There’s not a lot of dynamic devices showing up in my basement, my S/C and HRM never drop from my GPS head unit, also BT. I’ll stand with it is a not a robust Windows BT interface - which could be interference but I frequently have to reset the dongles re-pair just to connect.

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IOS and bluetooth.

Kickr Core
Wahoo Tickr
Quarq Dzero

Ive only had a few instances of erg being weird, where it would apply too much resistance or too little per the prescribed interval.

Ipad (IOS) and Bluetooth with Wahoo Kickr 2018 Quarq Dzero for Cadence. Never had any issues.

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Got wahoo sensors (cadence and HRM) to have flexibility of BT. For now running on PC with special dongle. This works great as long as you don’t stop, if you stop your session, you have to disconnect the dongle, close the application while saving your unfinished ride (this also sync with strava so you will have to delete from strava that first part and resync…), wait a bit so that the BT connections reset or something and then reconnect.
In short PC works good as long as you don’t stop.
I haven’t tried IOS yet but my setup is ready to do that because of BT choice.

I think I am going to go ahead with a Galaxy Tab A, for a couple of reasons. First my general dislike of Apple despite the fact they work pretty good, and more importantly my Costco cash-back will cover the cost of the Galaxy.

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I’ve tried various different options, but my iPhone mounted to the stem of my bike has been the only platform that has worked flawlessly 100% of the time.

I use an Iphone 6S, an iPhone XS Max, an iPad Pro 10.5, and a MacBook Pro 13 (2018) with bluetooth exclusively. I have a Wahoo KICKR (2017), Wahoo ELEMNT, Wahoo HR Run, Stages Left Side Gen II, (with Wahoo BT Cadence and Speed sensors) and a Wahoo Headwind fan. I alternate between using the Cadence from the Powermeter and a different crank arm with just the Wahoo Cadence Sensor, both work equally well.

Never had so much as a hiccup with any of these. On occasion the phones Bluetooth will grab my HR meter before TR does, and I have to go in and drop it, then TR immediately picks it up. Biggest issue I’ve had thus far. I’ve used TR for going on two years this with this setup (minus the iPhone XS obviously), no problems.

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Old Galaxy s7 (Android) + Bluetooth = lots of dropouts.

Old Galaxy s7 + Ant+ = 100% faultless.

As you can see from the wide variety of responses, that’s actually really tough to tell. Many people like using iOS. For me, it doesn’t matter what device, bluetooth and TR have a ton of issues (I tried on iOS and macOS). I suspect that there is just interference in my apartment building that I can’t get rid of.

Running TR on my mac with an ant+ adapter (and extension cord, so the ant+ dongle is right under my vector 3s) doesn’t have the same problems and runs fine. Just make sure you disable remote backup verification and other CPU-intensive tasks during your workouts!

radio interference is a funny thing. I have Mac with ANT+ and lots of dropouts, even with extension cord so that ant+ dongle is with a foot of the Stages power meter.

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Hence my comment about this being highly individualized and location-dependent. :slight_smile:

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and from past experience a different phone or dongle can generate different results. Radios are not all created equal!

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