What's the deal with slope mode during FTP Testing?

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I’ve swapped over to TR 1-2 months ago and have been using it successfully (having come from Zwift). I use 80/20 Triathlon Training to prepare for my Ironman 70.3

Today I ran an FTP test, the 20’ standard test in the workout catalogue. During the 5’ anaerobic dump, and then during the 20’ test, TR swapped my trainer (Elite Suito) from Erg Mode (what I normally use during workouts) to Resistance Mode. The text that popped up said it was moving to Slope Mode 3%.

This did not feel natural at all. I had to drop the gears to the lowest gearing, to get into the right power/cadence zone. But the feeling was wrong and not in the same gearing I would do my workouts at.

Why is Resistance/Slope mode dumping me to such a low gearing? Is there any way to adjust it so I can be in the middle of my gearing?

Yes, the TR app allows you to set both slope and resistance settings. Those are saved, so the next test you’ll have something far more reasonable.

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What @bbarrera said :+1:

The way Zwift handles this is better in my opinion, when it switches out of ERG the resistance is at the correct level automatically so you don’t feel it.

I agree, I would prefer it just stay in erg and I can dial the resistance up or down with a tap of the respective arrow.