8 Minute Test and auto Slope mode

Today I did the 8 Minute Test and it automatically shifts into slope mode for the 8 minute Time Trials allowing you to shift and control and control your power.

I was happy with my results 8.5% increase as compared to my Ramp Test 48hours earlier with only a 2.1% increase…

My issue is that when the 8 Minute Test switched to slope mode I could barely trun the cranks I had to shift into my easiest gear on on Ultegra 11speed and then I could only manage 73rpm cadence.
During the warm up I was bouncing between 90-100rpm depending on the warm up interval and this range is my norm during TR workouts as well.

My trainer is a Tacx Neo2T and I’m usally in the small ring up front and the middle cog in the rear. Before I got my Tacx Neo 2T I had a wheel on trainer and always did the 8 minute test and I do not recall it switching automaticlly to slope mode…Thats not to say it did not switch i just dont recall…
Does any know why it was so difficult to pedal?
I figure I would ask the users before I went on the TR Help desk as everyone there is getting set for Cape Epic and Pete is gone…

TR doesn’t use slope mode on the Tacx Neo 2T, it uses Resistance mode.

You can change the value of the Resistance (using arrow keys). The default is something ridiculously high.

For a wheel-on trainer, there’s no ERG mode, slope mode, or anything. You control it with your cadence, and gear selection.

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This likely depends on the precise setting that accompanies the Slope (maybe “Resistance” or “Standard” based on other TrainerRoad terms?) had when it swapped.

  • Resistance mode has a range of percent from 0-100%. If you had this set very high (maybe 40% or above) you could experience a lot of force resistance when the mode swapped.

    • You can alter this setting on the screen whenever the app is running with the trainer in Resistance mode.
    • You can also alter it prior to a workout by opening the Devices menu, open the trainer, swap it to Resistance mode, and set the percentage as desired.
  • Standard is similar to above, but it ranges from 1-9. This is usually available to Wahoo trainers when used on Bluetooth, so not sure if that is accessible to your Neo.

My guess is this basic setting just needs adjustment for your use.

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Thanks I will try it when my next testing period comes around as I appear to get better results with 8 Minute Test vs the Ramp Test… Where I always feel that I bail early…

Of course, I will run a test it before the actual test :wink:

Your advice is always appreciated and welcome… I still use something you said years ago
“…I just focus on maintaining my cadence not power or heartrate…” or words to that affect.

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I think you meant “for a non-connected trainer” - there are many smart wheel-on trainers, and all those do enable erg mode if the app controlling them allow it.

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No i just wasn’t clear. I had a Bkool smart pro 3 trainer wheel on(which is a smart trainer albeit low end IMHO) and it just did not link up well with TR on Ramp Tests or short interval workouts… I suffered thru the madness for about two years then upgraded. This is my first real issue with a TR workout on they Neo.