What's My FTP? - Xert / is it only Normalized Power?

I have installed the data field for ages, but i mostly don’t use it.
During my last training sessions I noticed that this data field always matches with my NP of Trainerroad Session.

Can it be that Xert only shows the NP?

Which Xert data fields have you installed? MPA? TP? LTP?

only the free version:

After playing around with the idea of ​​using Xert with a full subscription, but since you need 2 accounts for cycling and running, I discarded it again

Ahhh, I see. Xert needs a lot of data to get your threshold power calculated, and the more you give it, the more accurate it becomes. You need some high intensity efforts to exhaustion for it to work properly, and if you’re just using it along side TR sessions you won’t get an accurate picture at all of what it’s calculating.

Also Xert doesn’t use FTP. They talk about threshold power (TP) and lower threshold power (LTP), which are slightly different from the usual understanding of FTP as calculated from a test. I don’t think the free month and using the data field alongside TR workouts will give a clear picture of how good Xert actually is.

I’ve given up on TR simply because for me, Xert gave much more usable, real life, values that were so incredibly accurate. It predicts my 4 min power to within 0.1w/kg and Threshold power to withing 4W.

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thanks alot, good to know!