Do you use both Xert and TR simultaneously?

Now that I’ve used TR for a year, I’ve learned so much about fitness theory.

just 3 days ago, I’ve discovered Xert, and I’m basically obsessed over this.

I’ve found that Xert can’t guess my FTP accurately from my historical TR ramp tests unless I manually adjust the Peak power.

I’m just wondering, if anyone here uses both simultaneously, How do you utilize each system?

I’m not sure which to trust. based on The article, Sweet spot, Threshold, and Polarized training by the numbers It just seems to make a ton of sense that maybe i should be listening to Xert a little bit when it comes to training zones and not blindly trusting TR to recommend zones purely based on %FTP. (I’ve read the forum discussions about the article, I don’t want to get in the weeds about that theory.)

Below are a list of Ideas I have written in question form to express my confusion.
Do you let Xert’s fitness signature influence your training choices in the TR workout plans? Do you do maximal effort tests with Xert? Raise/Lower TR FTP to match what Xert says it should be? Raise/lower TR workout intensity of VO2 max workouts to push yourself such that you deplete more of your MPA? Lower the Intensity of the SST workouts such that they are closer to the Xert LTP? Only Use Xert on Garmin headunits for outdoor unstructured riding to tell you MPA and TTE?
Do you listen to XATA’s workout recommendations and just pick TR workouts that fit?


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