What's happened to Nate and Jonathan?

What’s happened to Nate and Jonathan? Neither of them post on the forum anymore. They used to be frequent posters.

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I have no idea what or where they are now, but to cover the basic premise as I see it based on my time here:

  • Very few of the actual TR employees are what I would consider “regular commenters” on the forum. From all I have seen, most (particularly Nate & Jonathan) tend to post during peak times related to feature releases in particular as well as other TR app/service related discussions. But outside of that, they are not regularly commenting.

  • They may actually be reading plenty (I’d have to look at the user reports to know for sure), but there is a definite ebb & flow where they are highly active at a few specific times while being largely absent much of the time. That tendency applies to many other employees with related service support rolls.

  • However, there is one main exception for people like Ivy (and Bryce before her), that are/were the TR Community Managers. Their job duties put them into the forum as a large chunk of their work.


Yes absolutely, but i just haven’t seen anything from either of them for ages. I recall Nate posting quite regularly, but nothing now for quite some time.

To me and many others the fact that the ceo also took part in the forum was one of the strengths of TR. But alas, not any more it seems.

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  • That seems like a rather negative outlook, but that could just be me.

For anyone interested, it’s easy to see the activity of any forum member.

  • Profile - Nate_Pearson - TrainerRoad

  • Quick scroll here shows just a bit of recent activity this month, but plenty in the beginning & middle of the summer. But note the gap from late winter to that May point. Scroll back further, and you will see similar heavy points (Jan-Feb 2022 was massive posting) between gaps.

  • All that to say that I think we are just in one of those “quiet” times, but I firmly believe he will be back again when the time and topics are right. Considering the pending indoor season for the N. Hemi, it seems possible he’d spend more time here with respect to what I expect is a increased use of TR by many users.

  • I tend to avoid this type of speculation, but in consideration of the trying times we have heard that Nate was going through in the last year or so (per his comments on the podcast), I think it’s more than understandable that he might not be as present here as other times in the past. Jonathan gets a similar pass from me with the introduction of a 4th member to his family recently, not to mention taking on the world of tri training and racing.

And here is the same account access for Jonathan, for anyone wanting to review recent history.


This needs to be mentioned. It is a problem. A serious one.

See this explanation:

Def need a triathlon welfare check. I’m very worried he’s gonna find out.


Maybe they have been busy using the secret burner account to troll? :rofl:


I have no context here, but absolutely can confirm that software dev and business leadership is hard.

I’ll grant them unlimited passes on this. The sheer consistency of quality of service plus content production over the years is truly admirable.


And @Jonathan has a newborn.


They have lives and we don’t :rofl:


I posted a thread on burn out last week and Nate was very responsive.


So you got him burned out of the forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like when a topic is of interest to him he checks in but tries to avoid causing too much controversy by posting on everything

No doubt that they monitor the “viral” threads on the forum even though they don’t usually contribute to them. I’m sure the forum helps them keep a check on the pulse of the customer base especially when generally negative topics are blowing up. Just because they don’t post doesn’t mean they aren’t reading. :disguised_face:


I think Jonathan had one of those baby things. I hear they take up a lot of time


(human) :wink:


Has Nate stopped cycling?

Just keep the AACC podcasts coming…


Maybe that’s what they are training the model on.

I think he was recovering from the concussion and probably got psyched on lifting in the meantime.

Basically yes. He’s into lifting weights now…not as time consuming as cycling and many think it leads to a healthier looking body. It also stimulates natural testosterone production which is a great thing for men.


Healthier looking body? or healthier body?

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