What's best way to get screened for blood sugar/diabetes stuff

So have a bunch of symptoms related to diabetes stuff and have scheduled a visit with my doc. Thirsty, bad sleep, fatiguey, can’t recover well. I’m in pretty good shape but wondering what other than A1C test I should be on the lookout for. I got a at-home measurement device and my morning/fasted levels are consistently 100-110.

You’re doing all the right things. Diabetes is very common and any primary care provider knows how to diagnose diabetes so that is the most important thing. There are a few ways to diagnose diabetes but the most common way is with an A1C. Based on what you said your fasting glucose is slightly high and you may have impaired fasting glucose but you don’t meet the criteria for diabetes based on that test. These tests are not perfect and don’t have 100% agreement so it is really best to talk to your doctor and let them make the diagnosis. What would be helpful is to keep a record of your glucose readings to bring to your doctor’s visit. You could also keep a track of your symptoms and anything surrounding their onset that might be of use.