What would be the effect of changing a 1hr endurance ride for a 45min run?

Hello everyone.

As the winter approaches, and I’m not a super fan of being stuck in 5/6 indoor workouts weekly, I was wondering what would be the effect of changing, particularly the endurance/easy/recovery rides, for outside runnings? In this scenario, I’d keep the intensity ones on turbo and all the rest outside as running/skiing.

Thanks in advance.

Running gives you more “bang for your buck” and can be great cross training. The impact of course is you will be better at running and decline in cycling.

But is that a bad thing in the off season? Personally doing other things can be great for over-all fitness, health and prevent mental burnout.

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Perfect, you nailed it.

I was just curious from the training science, would a 45min run be as effective as a 1 hr indoor ride, or something in this line.

This. The running will maintain your VO2. The muscular part of cycling will come back in a month of consistent training. Sounds like a great plan!

This winter I will row, XC ski, snowshoe and ride the trainer a little bit.

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I can tell you, last year I did this, just ran and skied for 90 days without bike, and I’m putting my best numbers this years. Bike being my primary target.

No doubt that it’s as effective as being on the turbo for 90 days at least.

I’m just curious if endurance activities could be put in only one jar.

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Sore feet and knees


A 45 minute run will not make you as good at cycling as a 1-hour bike ride, no. Is it the end of the world? Probably not. If it helps you maintain consistency throughout the offseason, go for it. As has been mentioned, recognize the difference in impact when you run vs. cycle, and that will have a detrimental effect on your cycling if you try to do a hard interval session the day after a 45 minute run if you aren’t adapted.