Bad Habit? Easy Run vs Easy Ride


I’ve been using the SSBMV plan for a while now and it calls for, on most weeks, one 1 hour ( next week it’s bald knob -2) endurance ride. I’ve been guilty recently of just using the day it’s scheduled on as an opportunity to go for a run with friends. We always take it easy and keep it at a conversational pace for about 6 Miles.

Am I missing on gains not being on the bike for that hour?

Thanks for any advice.

You’re fine. Just keep it easy enough that your are good to go for the next workout.


Sounds like you are getting gains with your running: you are enjoying yourself.

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All good. Running probably makes you a better overall athlete, too.

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Think the easy rides are mostly to develop your aerobic system, so replacing with a run once a week sounds fine.