Bike fitness decline while XC skiing

I’m in a (corona related) situation that makes me have access only to XC skis (skate & classic) for a couple of weeks. I do the same volume skiing as I usually do on the bike (12-15 hours / week).

I’m thinking about how much bike specific fitness I’ll lose after 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months while XC skiing the same volume. About 50/50 skate/classic.

Skating utilize much of the same muscle groups as biking, although the cadence is obviously much lower :slight_smile:

Any thoughts / experience with replacing biking with something else for a few weeks? I’m in Base.

I asked the podcast pretty much this very question yesterday. Hopefully they pick it up.

In my experience my ramp test FTP goes down a bit, but my endurance at the FTP is crazy. 30min Sweetspot is no big deal. Specifically my question was how fast AT adapts to those kinds of variables. I don’t imagine it would be all that useful doing 1.0 - 2.0 Sweetspot and Threshold workouts in that case. Give me 5.0-7.0 workouts for a couple weeks until my bike fitness bounces back and then I’ll retest and get my nice FTP bump.

EDIT: This is usually after a 3 month XC ski season where I end up only doing 3-4hr on the bike per week, usually all active recovery or endurance.

n=1 but I just did this over christmas / New Years because it was too much of hassle to bring my bike & rollers (and xc skiing is way more fun than riding on rollers in a 10-20F garage).

Overall time spent skiing is fairly comparable to how long I would’ve been biking albeit less structured.

I tested a day after getting back and my FTP went up a bit (~9W). Admittedly a lot of confounding factors but at least I didn’t seem to lose anything.

This is very interesting for me as well - how to create a proper plan with a mix of xc skiing / running / little indoor bike riding. I know people who only ski during the winter and they are strong on the bike.

However for me it’s little confusing how to mix things up and what should I do e.g. in March/April after mixing these disciplines since December to early March.

Anyway - xc skiing is an amazing sport and everyone who can enjoy it during a winter is lucky and even if it won’t impact my cycling in a positive way - I will still do that as much as I can during the weekend because it’s awesome! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it will matter at all for your bike fitness in the spring. The best young racer I raced against didn’t touch the bike in the winter and played a full season of hockey.