What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

I think the specialty phase is tapering or something. This was not that bad when compared to Old Rag from last week:


Spruce Knob+3

Riding during “pro-hours” feels nice lol… working remotely with people in different timezones switched up my typical schedule from morning/evening rides to daytime training today.

I think “Spruce Knob” is my favorite session here on TrainerRoad. It’s challenging enough to where you feel great after completing the ride, but not so challenging where your truly intimidated going into the ride. What’s really nice about this session is if you’re not feeling it; you can dial down the intensity to a nice tempo/Z2 ride, or if you’re feeling good you can budge intensity for some nice sweet spot or threshold work.

Anyways, I got a bit excited on the last interval, but was feeling good so I just went with it. Also threw in some additional spinning… I was on zwift and was pretty close to “route completion”, so I hung out on the trainer a bit longer. Overall, extremely pleased with this session. Wishing you all great training ahead!



Did Recess -5 overlayed with the London Loop on Zwift today after some moderate triples on backsquats.


Baird + 5 was in my calendar tonight. I decided to recreate it in TP and import it to RGT to try out its ERG mode. The ERG in RGT is more flexible than TR, I can go more over target without being kicked up to a high cadence and more under without being dragged into the spiral of death. However, probably because RGT is more reliant on the wifi/internet it would sometimes drop out and not change resistance or read power and when the net comes back it catches up with stupid circa 1500w spikes (well stupid for me). Ive edited the file to remove the spikes. One of the 120% intervals it failed to read power and made it a circa 1min 30s interval instead of 1 min and after a 40% recovery it failed to up the resistance. On the whole though I think I liked the increased flexibility and more control over my cadence. On a less stormy night hopefully the net will be better and if the TR workout is quick to recreate in TP I’ll do it again :+1:

My post workout cool down was catching up on Stage 3 of the UAE tour, so I can check out social media again :wink:


Givens, barely made it ( which from chads notes is the point)


Bashful + 1 for me today, and I was really proud of my effort:


In the leadup to this workout I reasoned the work intervals were less than my best five minute effort when my FTP was lower. The six time thing did occur to me but not loudly. I have also gotten kinda the thought I can handle the V02Max efforts better than the threshold workouts. So I was confident about being able to slay this workout. After I completed the warmup and the first interval I wasn’t so certain but still fairly well confident.

None the less I engaged in frequent backspinning during the rest intervals. The second interval came and went and I went “Oh-oh”! After I finished the third interval I grabbed my laptop and reduced the intensity by 5%. Then the fourth interval came and went and lo and behold my average interval power fell within 2 watts of the original target and the last two intervals were equally close on the upside. Then the last ten seconds of the last interval came and I pushed those pedals harder and then the end of the last interval arrived. Glory Fing Alleluia! The workout text indicated no one was kidding around anymore and that is the truth!

For some reason I thought this would be a good time to do a bit of GI testing too and I took on about 140 grams of carbs just before and during the workout. Fortunately, no problems detected there and I made the discovery of the wonders of adding salt to sweet – I get salted caramel now!

Spencer +2 is now floating down the river! Bring on Lamarck!


Matthes +1 today. This kind of work is NOT my strong suit, turned it down at the end and then gave it 100% on the final one. Mentally it’s easier to empty the tank this way cause there’s nothing left to suffer through. I don’t think it’s really an FTP issue cause I am pretty comfy at sweet spot and tempo for long periods, but getting above FTP really burns the match quicker. I think if I want to really succeed at this type of workout I need to give up or at least cut back on the Booze and Bud.

Also, this type of workout really needs a longer cooldown by default IMO


Ramp test. 4 watt increase. Starting to think I undertest on the ramp as I have no anaerobic ability(I’m an ultra distance rider). I was expecng more in the range of a 10-15 watt increase as my threshold intervals would struggle to get within 10bpm of my threshold hr(tested in the past). I ALWAYS seem to struggle with the step at 20 minutes in. Just can’t seem to handle the 6% increase at that point, not even for 10 seconds, it’s just a full stop.

Finished the night off with Pettit.

Gonna do a 4x20@98% tomorrow. Think I’ll push the last interval to 100-105% as I feel able and use that number as my ftp.


Lamark done with a bottle of flat Pepsi. Give me all of the sugar…now!
(I ran out of drink mix and found some soft drink that came with a food delivery once upon a time).

I’m pretty happy with how that went after Spencer and a MTB ride yesterday.

Edit: Far out. I had 2 strong flat whites for breakfast before that and no lunch. It turns out that flat cola works pretty well. Not that I can recommend that much caffeine on an empty stomach.
I could only manage an oat bar after since. I’m going to pay for this tomorrow.


Vo2 Test today. I’m still waiting for the final analysis but looks like I may have added about 20 watts to my FTP doing LV base and power-build since January.

The test wasn’t done on trainerroad but I used a free ride to record the activity.

Test was done on a computrainer. Man, that trainer was incredibly smooth for a wheel-on trainer. Wow… so smooooove.


General Build, low volume. Starting the 5th week with the scheduled ramp test, 19 watt gain . I started and completed mid volume SSB 1 and 2 prior to General build.


Love me some short sprints. The trainer didn’t want to know about the final set so, my power was all over the place :rofl:


Phoenix -3 this morning - it’s becoming a bit of a favourite and the day after my Ramp Test was a nice opportunity to try out my new FTP.

My RPE felt slightly higher than I expected. Previously a lot of this ride was under 200w, but now it is over - perhaps a mental thing that impacted my RPE. Its also amazing to think that I’m spinning around in z2 now at a power that was above my FTP a few years ago…


Monitor 6x6 sweet spot outside on a 6.5 minute hill loop, very happy as I broke my scapula and finger two weeks ago. Good to be back on the bike.

Even forgot about the broken shoulder, tried to crack my back and felt it in my shoulder -ouch!


Darwin outside , ended up 4x10 min at or slightly above ftp .


Spanish Needle -1, as per the plan, nailed this morning. 150% probably would’ve been too much, but 140% was doable. Anyone else hear Jonathon for the encouraging workout text, and Chad for the just get on with it? :grinning:

Anyway, off plan and into “is zwift making things sloppy” territory for the weekend, with Haute Route and the start of a Spring League…


Bird +1

Stepped up from Bird-1 as usual. Definitely felt tougher than normal. Trying to decide if it’s due to:

  1. My having gotten used to the longer warm-up from Mist etc and just not used to the pain of running straight into VO2 sets anymore.

  2. My body has realised it’s recovery week and decided to just give up early.

  3. I’m somehow still paying for Sunday’s outdoor spin. Front derailleur was playing up so stuck in the big ring for 4.5 hours on a rolling course. 3 days ago now though :thinking:.

Wasn’t helped by a dropout in the second set, resistance just kept going up after my minute was up😭. I’m going to say all three and just enjoy recovery week. Ramp test this day next week😬.


Rest week but decided to give Angora a go… wow, not easy… Maybe it was the pollen in the air or only 6 hours of sleep or it is just a hard workout (my first session with IF @ 0.99). I pretty much wanted to bail after the first interval but bit the bullet and made it through. Ramp next week. Have a good one!


Galena for myself this morning, being a 3x 20min threshold workout it was always going to be mentally tough but not helped by myself having to do the workout very early being time compromised today … very happy to make it through OK … Breakfast was soooo good today !