What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

Ramp Test for me today, but my trainer lost its connection to the TR app so I lost all power, right at the peak when I should have been doing my best:

I’ve heard of this happening to other men, but it’s never happened to me before. Just lost the inclination right before the final push. A big disappointment.

I’m going to have to talk to my support engineer about this.


Garrowby +5:

Tired legs today but 10 minutes at a time kept everything ticking over. I told AT it was hard and it still wants me to do Wright Peak tomorrow. This is fine. :cold_sweat:

(I’m really enjoying all this variety from AT, it’s fun veering off the standard plans.)


Couple of friends and I each created 15 mins of this workout.
Turned pretty nasty but was just about achievable for us all.


I had ramp test yesterday and result was 20W drop to FTP. I´m not very disapointted as i knew it gonna be something like that. Since last test 7 weeks ago i have had too aggressive weight loss and bad recovery due that. Actually my w/kg is exactly same as it was 7 weeks ago… Now I try to stabilize my weight or even get back couple of kg with good nutrition and focus to gain back lost watts.

After ramp test i did Carillon with new FTP and it feels right


Fletcher for me this morning - managed to watch stage 2 highlights of the Itzulia Basque Country at the same time which kept me well occupied :smiley:

Looking forward to Avalanche Spire tomorrow morning…


Jepson - week 3 of SSBMV2. About to switch to 2-3 runs, 2 TR workouts per week, so this is the last workout in the “normal” plan schedule. Went ok, demanding but feasible, just the way threshold should be. Watching Marvel superheroes beating up the bad guys while pedaling away always helps.

On we go.


I’ve just started on the 6wk POL plan so it was Perkins-1, which I pushed outside and is basically 100 minutes of low level steady state. https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/rides/107278949-perkins-1-tr-outside-workout

In fact it’s so low level that there were lots of points where I just couldn’t get a gear where I’d be within range! That was balanced out by the coasting, all 26mins of it, then …

I had just finished the main interval when my left pedal broke and the body came away from the spindle :flushed: I was 11km from home at this point and with a big hill in the way. By staying clipped in with the right foot and leaving the pedal on the shoe I could start moving and slide the body back onto the spindle, it needed constant sideways and inwards pressure to keep it there. Managed to ride most of the way but the steeper bits of the big hill were a walk - not easy in road shoes, even less easy when one has a pedal attached!

Wiggle/CRC here I come.


Don’t tell me they were Look Keo’s? I’ve seen a few pairs fail like that. I hope it wasn’t too problematic; a mate had one go and it made a nasty mess of his leg.

Yep, Look Keos. They are probably three years old. Fortunately the axle didn’t make contact with my leg.

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Another round of Andrews for me today…


New 12 sec power PR, but my heart rate data was a little weird. Goal was 75 min at 70%HR max but HR wasn’t responding at 70% FTP. Opposite my recent experiences with 70% HR at less than 60% FTP.

It’s like my AV node / parasympathetic tone was high for the first half and the blockade suddenly went away half way through the ride. Similarly, my HR didn’t seem to respond to the sprint effort.

Pardon my inexperience with HR data, I used it only briefly about 9 years ago.


I’m sorry that your raw watts fell off, but I’m glad your w/kg is steady @Jataha! My w/kg fell, but I definitely grew some cool muscles in my legs. I will take that as a win! Lol.

I like your plan @Jataha! I’m gonna try to remember to fuel all my rides. I got out of the habit during specialty phase because it was so hard that I could barely breathe, much less eat. Now that my FTP is lower I am actually excited for my next Sweet Spot ride and a pack of my favorite chews.

We got this, @Jataha! :+1::+1::+1:


First outdoor workout with my new Garmin 530, hope I did it justice :grin:. Really
enjoying getting the hard work in outside either way. Just started raining as I was finishing up. First rain in a while, the roads turned into an ice rink on the way into town. I’d a couple of wild slides. I stayed up, but all I could think about was that I was going to break my new computer :sweat_smile:.


Didn’t have time for the additional endurance portion of the prescribed workout so, I opted for a slightly shorter version.

Love me a Supra threshold workout. Red Lake ticks all of my boxes. I’m having to concentrate from start to finish. Pleased to square this way :+1:


Avalanche Spire with some extended warmup this morning.

Really glad to get this one in the bag - all felt where I think it needed to be so I am putting trust in the Ramp Test result I got earlier in the week. I will see how the next few workouts pan out also, as I like over-unders so want to make sure its good across a range of workout types.


Wright Peak:

Ok well I ate terribly and then slept terribly and then felt terrible and this felt easier than not only the 3x30 on Tuesday but also the 6x10 yesterday, so I think all that nonsense about making sure you prepare well for hard workouts is just a marketing strategy by Big Endurance to get you to sleep and eat better.


Went for a double today. I’m starting to enjoy Polarized training. Go hard on the hard days, add volume at lactate threshold and still have my rest and strength days.

Hope everyone has a great workout!


Mokelumne +1

GBMV recovery week. W00t!


Townsend for me today…