What was that tip in the app while training?

Love the in app tips but half the time I’m zoned out or watching something on TV so miss the tip. Would love to be able to swipe the bottom panel (in app while training, where I swipe to see intervals) over to see the running list of tips and see what the tip was that I just missed.


Might be awkward.

If you have workout creator on your computer then you can see that the text is “programmed” to do something like: show “Pick up your spin” at 14min 25 for 5 seconds. I.e. as the timeline moves through the workout the app just displays the given text for a specified period. The power targets will be programmed similarly. So to swipe back and forth would mean quite a lot of work as you’d have to disassociate the text from the timeline, go back X seconds, display that text for a given time. Then what do you do? Jump back to “live”? You are as likely to miss more instructional text that you should have been reading while you were catching up on the first block you missed.

I’d like something like this but I’m not sure how it could be implemented.

I’m not sure a forward/backward button would work - but maybe a toggle button to display the last instruction as a line above the current one?

I searched and can’t find a dedicated thread at the moment, but this has been mentioned before.

My specific suggestion was.a view similar to a text chat / private message. Ability to see at least 3 or so lines. The latest and a few a prior comments at least and an option to scroll.

Sometimes you miss one or more comments and it would be nice to quickly see them again.

I was thinking just a dedicated timeline view in bottom panel showing all the text for the ride in a timeline. I don’t need to see the entire ride profile all the time so I could just leave the running transcript in view. Additionally could make the text available as part of the workout info so you can always read it whenever you want, during, post or even pre.

An example implementation from Apple Music app:

I can scroll back and forth while the song plays. The Music app’s tap to skip feature doesn’t make sense in the context of a workout.

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YES! Exactly.