Feature request: swipe right to see instruction text history

I use the Android mobile app primarily . I don’t always pay close attention to the instructional text but sometimes I wish I could go back and read it again or my brain wanders and I miss it.

My suggestion on the mobile app is to have the lowest “section” of the app, where the instruction text appears, have another swipe left/right panel that shows the most recent instructional text. If you allow up/down scrolling and I could go back thru previous instructions too.

This new instruction panel would be in addition to the workout image and the set / interval text panels.

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I’d like to echo the desire to have this functionality, maybe I didn’t use great search terms but I’m surprised there isn’t more momentum or other threads on this one?

One of the advertised benefits of TR is it’s minimally invasive so you are able to watch other content, except it’s sometimes at the expense of missing instruction. It’d be great to be able to pull up recent instruction history so I can follow along, even if not staring at the app.

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