What Tri saddle for men?

I’ve been using A Fizik Areone saddle on my Tt bike for many years but recently, after putting the bike back together, the saddle fell apart finally. I’m looking for a Tri specific saddle and aminterested in your opinions on the Fizik Mistima?
The ISM saddles look odd, are they good? Or. Pro Aerofuel

I just couldn’t get it set up correctly and no matter what I did I seemed to pinch my urethra (hurt to urinate post rides). I came off the Bontrager Hilo which works but, is just a touch wide up front for me. Longer rides I was getting a little too much chaffing inner thigh area. So, I went old school and am back on the Fizik Ares and it feels good.

I use the ISM PR 3.0 on my TT, Ultra (12hr/24hr) & gravel bike. Never tried a Fizik saddle. Have used specialized power pro from time to time.

I use a road saddle (Specializes Comp) , because tri saddles dont like me

Which actual Specialized saddle model?

“Comp” is just a trim level, while the model could be something like Power, Power Arc, Toupe, Romin, Phenom, etc.


Power comp

My fitter has noted that she have had a lot of success with this saddle on people who find the ISM saddles uncomfortable.

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Agreed, the Power range is good for consideration of a forward pelvis rotation common with low front end setups, to include tri & TT bikes.

Per the topic, I’ve had good luck with the Specialized Sitero saddle, and I like the looks of the latest Bontrager Hilo (although I have only had one customer on it very recently, so it’s early days for that one).

The power line is now recommended as tri saddle on specialized website.
In the past this was not the case.
Apparently enough fitters were recommending the saddle for them to change the tune

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I can ride that power saddle all day in a medium aggressive position…but in an aggressive time trial position, either on the sticks or aero on the hoods, it’s a killer. But I like the saddle & some of the accessory options that it offers.

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I ride an ISM PS1 and like it. I think the split nose helps me “grip” the saddle more firmly in a Tt position. But it’s very personal. Try before you buy if you can.

Well respected in the community I’d say. I’ve been using one for years, a bit like a regular seat, they take a while to figure out how to sit on them and get comfortable but once you’ve locked it in, you can ride for hours.

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I have an ISM PN 3.1 and I really like it. I used to get numb and pain a lot in my older saddle, and it is mostly fixed with the ISM. Of course it takes getting used to, but it’s worth it.

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I use the ISM PM 3.0. I love it, and I checked out a bunch of saddles before settling on that one. Most of the ISM saddles are available on Amazon, so you could always return it if you don’t like it.


Saddle preference is so personal…what works for one person is a torture device for another. I winced in pain when I saw you rode an Arione for years on a tri bike.

I used the Profile Stryke saddle for many years and had great success with it…but I would not recommend it to anyone. It is the exact opposite of what most people recommend for a tri saddle…it is very big and has an extended nose. But for whatever reason, I got on well with it and could get very low (see profile pic)

I currently have a Specialized Sitero. Overall, I like the shape and how I sit on it…but it is a pretty firm saddle and I wish it was a bit softer in the nose area. Dunno if I could do a full IM on it or not.

Lots of people like ISM saddles, but I never found one that was comfortable.

Cobb saddles can be worth looking at as well.

Your best bet is to find a retailer, fitter or supplier that has a trial program. CObb used to have a 30 day return program, but I don’t know if that still exists. Specialized has a saddle trial program through some dealers.

It is very much a trial and error process…unfortunatley.


Now you buy full price and have 30 day money back, no questions asked.

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I have the Specialized Sitero saddle on my road bike. Like others, I have tried many different saddles, including ISM (which turned out to be the worst and most painful saddle for me), and found that the Sitero works best for me on the road for long endurance rides. It’s very flat on the top with a good cutout, so even though it’s short you still can move around (fore/aft) a bit on it for comfort. I am not a triathlete, but this saddle just works. I tried the Specialized Power saddle as well, but you’re pretty much locked into one position on it, so I didn’t like it.


I might try the Sitero…
Sounds interesting… As you, I HATE the ISM…give it a honest try but didnt work out for me

Also worth looking into is the Selle Italia Watt. The ISMs were way too wide for me and I had issues on the inside of my legs. I did a 3 months back and forth virtual fit with a fairy well known fit guru (a certain postman), and he recommended the Watt - it’s been a total game changer (in addition to the fit itself).

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I exclusively used the power pro saddle on my tt bike but have recently made the the switch to a TT specific Dash saddle. I’m hoping it helps with positioning.


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