What to focus on in the gym?

A gym has just opened up around the corner from work which means I can finally start to do some strength training. My plan is to do 2 sessions per week on my lunch break, possibly even 3, so roughly around 30 minutes per session.

I used to have a lot of home gym equipment before I started cycling 7 years ago, I ditched all that for the bike. Now, having become fairly competent on the bike I need to make the rest of me more robust.

I’m 67kg at 5’11 and don’t want to increase that in terms of overall mass but want to focus on building an all round stronger physique. Not interested in aesthetics at all.

With that said, for a newcomer, what exercises should I focus on in my 30 minutes twice a week that will supplement my cycling and general well being. My cycling is centred around road races, hill climbs and time trials.


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