Help me with my strength routine

I’m looking to incorporate strength training into my yearly routine. My goals are to build and maintain healthier physiology by adding muscle as well as realize some on-the-bike benefits. I’m less concerned about dialing in a power-to-weight ratio. Current height: 6’4" and weight: 176-179lb (~81kg), FTP fluctuates between 280 (starting Base) and a peak of 320.

I need to add a bit of upper body mass as I’m getting unattractively skinny and I want to add a bit of muscle for overall well being. Nothing crazy, just need to look less like Froome.

I’m looking to get some input and feedback on my routine. I will be getting a gym membership, but would also like to focus on exercises that I can do at home when time-crunched or on the road when a gym isn’t accessible.

Home equipment
1x 35lb kettlebell
2x 15lb dumbells
2x 8lb dumbells
Various resistance bands
Pullup bar
Military-style sandbag (0-60lb)

Cycling Schedule (April–August)
Weekly TSS: 300-450 or 7-10 hrs
Mon: Rest or short Z1
Tues: Intensity
Wed: Z1/2 60min
Thurs: Intensity
Friday: Complete Rest
Sat: 100-150 TSS, freestyle, no intervals
Sun: Rest or short Z2

Tentative Strength Plan
This is where things get fuzzy. I’m trying to blend a mix of bike-specific work with more vanity type exercises aimed at adding some mass to my arms chest and back. Big bonus if they help with building a stronger body as it relates to cycling. Balance, handling, etc.

I’m less confused about what types of exercises to do, but more about when in the week to do them as I find RPE is awful if I do too much leg work. Here’s what I’m thinking.

*Core is daily

Mon: Upper Push (Bike: Rest or short Z1)
Tues: Upper Pull (Bike: Intensity)
Wed: No Strength (Bike: Z1/2 60min)
Thurs: Leg Day (Bike: Intensity)
Friday: No Strength (Bike: Complete Rest)
Sat: Leg Day (Bike: 100-150 TSS, freestyle, no intervals)
Sun: Rest or short Z2

It seems like doing legs on Thursday after a hard interval session would give me the recovery time to hit the legs again on Saturday when I’m less concerned about nailing specific intervals. I then have M, T, W to recover before my next leg day.

Leg Day Exercises:
Dumbell Bulgarian Split Lunges
Kettlebell Front Squats
Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts
Plyometrics (maybe?)

Upper Body Exercises:
Single Arm Kettlebell Rows
Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Press

Thoughts and feedback highly encouraged.

nothing specific, but here are some principles from a coach:

and I’ve watched this a few times as it has another perspective on the principles of scheduling: and programming during traditional base training: and programming for up to 10 hours a week:

I was listening to FasCat podcast last week, they recommend 10 weeks pre-season of lifting and easy endurance, and then switching to SSB and Yoga for strength maintenance.

Different coaches, different points of view. Hope some of the programming ideas from the first two coaches help you think it through.

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that’s a lot of lifting!! try to condense the upper into one days, pick 4-6 exercises.

DL and Squat, I like on different days; maybe one can be with the push/pull


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