What to do with a tubeless repair tube afterwards

So this past weekend I had my first major issue with a tubeless tire. Got an inch long gash in it perpendicular to the tread that the wife said was rather spectacular to see happen. Big ol’ puff of sealant and she managed not to get sprayed. But being so large I had to not only stick a tube in there but also use a tire boot.

But onto the question. I made it home, ordered a new tire and will set it up tubeless again but now I have a tube that’s still plenty good but all covered in sealant. What should I do with it? Have any of you been able to clean the tube off, coil it back up and fit it in your pocket/seat bag for the next time? Can that been done? Any tricks? Or is there something else I can do with the tube? I already have a drawer full of old tubes from when I went tubeless on 2 wheel sets and I’m hoping to not add to it.


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Wipe off what you can as soon as you remove from the tire. Let dry for a day or two and put it back in your bag.

Wash it off with water while its still wet.