Tubless tires non use

Just finished cyclecross season, been using tubeless tires. If im not going to use the bike again for 9 months, should i take out any sealant now or just leave it in there? I think it will go off in this time.

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The sealant will definitely dry out over that time, so if you are chasing grams, it would be best to clean it out before putting the bike away. It will be much harder to clean out in 9 months.

That being said, I don’t usually clean mine out and I just add more sealant as needed until my tires wear out. There is a definite weight penalty there though, so if you’re racing regularly, cleaning out the sealant is a good idea :slight_smile:

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I will clean them out.

Exactly, cleaning out dried OrangeSeal is a nightmare.

Let’s say the sealant has been left in, untouched for six months. What would be the best way to clean out old/dry sealant?

Asking for a friend…


Depending on which manufacture, most of the time you pull your tire off, remove the dried layer/skin in it then wipe it down. Same for the rim, just scrub and clean.

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Just water and a cloth? First year with tubeless and definitely didn’t consider tyre maintenance in the off season!


Yes Sir, and just scrub it clean…


I’ve heard that a drill mounted scotch brite pad makes pretty quick work of the dried residue.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster. As I don’t own a drill, I’ll have to make do with scotch brite and elbow grease.

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Whatever you do don’t put latex tubes in a tyre after it’s had sealant in it even when it’s dried. The tube just sticks to the inside of the tyre and it’s very difficult to separate them