Tubeless tyres - redo the ‘gunk’ each year?

Hi all. I wonder If anyone can help? We went tubeless on a couple of bikes two years ago. The question is whether We should re-do the gunk in the tires? We redid my girlfriends bike last year which was a relatively straightforward job, but we didn’t bother doing mine, which randomly seems fine!

Is it best practice at regular intervals to take the tires off clean them up, re-apply new gunk etc?

Thanks in advance.

Check with the type you use, it’s usually 4 to 6 months. A year is definitely too long.


If it’s been a few months and you have a significant race/event coming up, I would definitely at least open up a part of the tire and see how much sealant is still in the tire. Sealant dries up and then you have no puncture protection. If sealant still is pooling at the bottom of the tire, determine if you need to top it off with a few more ounces.

Then, maybe every spring as part of you maintenance routine, you completely remove the tire and clean out the inside. Replace with fresh sealant for riding season. This is also a good opportunity to check the quality of your tire, if you had any punctures that have sealed and determine if you need a new tire.

Every three months replace the sealant. I have a shop do it for me.

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Timely post! That’s my job today on my MTB. I should’ve done it at the end of MTB season last year, but I didn’t.

I do a tire cleaning (or replacement if the tire is at that point) usually once a year. Cleaning dried Stan’s from a tire is a pain. Just got to put on some music for an hour or two and sit and pick :confounded:

Thanks. We are tweaking summer bikes for the season and that’s why the question came up. Just cleaned out and replaced the sealant in one tyre and ordered a new rear tyre for that particular bike. Will do the other bike tomorrow.

My other bike has tubs so that’s nice and easy. Are they still glued on? Yes. Job done!

Can highly recommend the MilkIt valves for making the process of checking sealant levels easier and less messy. Also helps if you have tyres that tend to unseat when deflated.