Tubular Tyres - do they need cleaning out?

Hi, I run tubs on my racing wheels with Stans no tubes tyre sealant in them. How long does the Stans last for and do I keep topping it up and that should keep me ok or do I need to somehow clean out the old residue?

Thanks in advance

Most regular sealants usually last 2-3 months, some a little less, some might be a little more. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to get sealant out of a tubular since everything is sewn together and you are essentially putting sealant inside of a tube. If anyone else knows of a method to get old sealant out of a tubular, please share. If it were me, I wouldn’t put sealant in a tubular to begin with.

I mean, you could take the tubular off of the rim, remove the base tape, cut open the casing, replace the tube inside of the tubular, sew the casing back up, glue the base tape back onto the tire, glue the tire back on the wheel, and put new sealant in the tubular. This is really the only way to get rid of the residue of the previous sealant and is seriously not worth the trouble.

I would agree with @jsteelfex, I wouldn’t use sealant inside of a tubular unless the tubular has been punctured, and then only to see if the puncture can be fixed - not for preventative purposes. So in your case, I would avoid inserting additional sealant until the event that the tire is punctured.

As for the old sealant inside of the tire already, I think it’s fine to leave in as is, and won’t drastically decrease performance of the tire.