Needed: Tubeless Tire Boot Suggestions

Does anyone have suggestions / real world experience with tubeless tire boots for gravel tires? The only ones I can find are the Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot

As I get into gravel riding more, I’m looking to make sure I carry what I need so I can ride home in all but the most catastrophic circumstances.

are you talking about a boot to put in the tire to use with a tube? Then those will work. If you want to repair on the fly for tubeless you want a tubeless plug like a dyna plug or the new stans dart tool

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A patch for the tire to handle a sidewall cut where the sealant and / or a tubeless plug isn’t enough.

And then put in a tube or are you expecting to be able to air back up after? I think the major problem is that the sealant will cause adhesion problems. Only time I’ve seen a patch work is at home after thoroughly cleaning off the inside of the tire and sanding

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If you are going to use a tube just use an empty gel wrapper…I used to carry around about a business card sized piece of plastic that I cut from an empty 2 liter soda bottle…worked great.

You can use $100 bills. Only Benjamins will work :wink:


Point is @AlphaDogCycling if you get a cut in a tubeless tire that needs a boot, then you’ll need both a tube (because the tire will no longer seal) and a boot just like if you severely cut a tubed tire. And, yes the Park adhesive boots are good, as are foil wrappers, as are $100 bills ;-).


Use a piece of old toothpaste tube, any “plastic” bank note, basically anything that’s flexible and still got some strength to prevent the pressure in the inner tube from herniating through the cut.

Remember to check the inside of the tyre for thorns before you put the tube in.

I know they’re joking about $100 bill, but I have had to use a $20, it does work really well. I now carry a couple singles just for this reason.

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Dollar bill or gel wrapper. Gmbn tested and either of these worked better than the park tools patch

I used this on my WTB venture tubeless tire. Got a small half-inch cut and it’s still working really well. Clean the inside of all sealant really thoroughly, then a little super glue to the cut, then apply the patch. Been commuting on it every day for last few months with no issues.

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Yeah, I was joking about the $100 bill. But all bills work really good. That paper is super durable and doesn’t have any poky edges that could pop a tube.

I’ve always relied on dollar bills as a last resort, but on a road ride, we tried this for a friend who cut his side wall, but the new tube blew out the cut and exploded. So looking for a plan B.